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PARIS: I'll Never Stop Loving You

Today’s soundtrack.

Jessica was in no mood to do anything when we were back in Paris the first day, so she opted to stay in the apartment while I went off to explore and live my best life. 1,540 more words


PARIS: "Eh...But What Can I Do?"

Jet lag hit me with the force of a thousand trucks. It gets worse each time I return to Paris. I’m soon over it, but damn…these first few days are a misery. 1,343 more words


PARIS: My Glorious Return

Since I’ve been dying for the past two months — I really have to finish that blog I have on my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis — I haven’t had a moment to emotionally prepare for the voyage back to my hometown. 1,937 more words


Hippodrome Boulevard De Clichy French Circus Poster

Hippodrome Boulevard De Clichy French Circus Poster
L Hippodrome Brd De Clichy

( Boulevard De Clichy )

Vintage French Circus Poster features a woman on horseback possibly persued by mauraders in a giant stadium. 7 more words


Stress, Stress and some Fun!

Some days you wake up ready to take on all the challenges which might come. Maybe just beacuse you know you have so many things to do. 295 more words

Finding a pediatrician in Paris.

We try to set goals for every day. We go to the park every day and we make sure we have some indoor activities as well. 435 more words