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What is CTR and How to Improve CTR For SEO in Organic Results?

Hello Guys, Today Q-vantage SEO Team have published blog on CTR and ways to improve CTR of any website.

CTR: Click-through rate, abbreviated as CTR. This is the number of visitors that click on a specific link out of the total visitors that visit our  webpage, email, or advertisement. 264 more words

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Online Display Ads Have More Influence Than You Think

Lately it seems that display advertising is getting a little beat up with statistics such as HubSpot’s 10 Horrifying Display Advertising Stats, that states “You are more likely to birth twins than click on a banner ad.” 473 more words

Increase Lead Generation By 50% Using Your Blog

Optimize Your Blog For Lead Generation

Blogging is a well-know lead generation tactic within inbound marketing, and has been for sometime now.  If you aren’t doing it you should be!   527 more words

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5 Simple Metrics To Measure CRM Value - Don't Drown In Data

  1. Open Rate Before we get ahead of ourselves with lifetime value calculations, let’s just start by understanding the behaviour of users who like your subject line (btw.
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Common Reasons Behind CTR Fluctuations

I’ve written a post about Click Through Rate Fluctuations on my Linkedin page. Check it out here. Or, just read it right here:

If conversions are up or steady, then… 289 more words

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Spectacular Click Through Rate

As the internet has been growing exponentially over the past 20 years, online advertising has become very big business. Most of it in the form of… 551 more words

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