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OnTopReplica - Keep a Small Window Open at All Times

OnTopReplica allows you to clone a window into a small box that will stay on you screen permanently (it won’t be placed behind another window out of sight). 475 more words


Facebook Redefines the Word 'Click' to Satisfy Advertisers

Facebook is redefining the term “click” to appease its many advertisers.

The social network will no longer charge marketers for what are known as engagement clicks — things such as “Likes,” comments or shares of an ad. 235 more words


We Are What We Click: The Dark Side of Sideboobs, a Panel Review

Headlines work on me, so off I went to a panel called, “We Are What We Click: The Dark Side of Sideboobs.”

What could it be?! 533 more words


Thursday, 5th March 2015

Click through, v.

Pronunciation: /klɪk θruː/
Etymology: < click v. + through adv.

1. Theoret. To access an advertiser’s website by clicking on an advertisement on another web page. 18 more words


Landing Page 101

Hi everyone!

A landing page forms an integral part of your online marketing site as it is “lands” your visitor
to where you want them to go next. 384 more words


Progressing Toward a Viewable Impression Standard

As we have learned in both business and politics, “declaring” victory and actually earning one can represent two different positions on the continuum of success. That said, the news on Friday is that the ANA, 4A’s and IAB have agreed that viewable impressions will ultimately be the method for assessing digital media efficacy… not click-through. 126 more words

Contract Compliance Auditing

Top 10 Commented-on Articles and Click-throughs in 2014

When readers take time to leave a comment and/or click through to a link I include in a post, it means they trust me, are engaged, and find what they’re reading valuable–want to extend it. 425 more words