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10 Things We May See At D23

D23 is just a few days away and while I couldn’t go this year (maybe next time), it is fun to speculate about what we will see as all eyes are on Disney. 1,650 more words

These Social Media Secret Tips Will Blow Your Mind!!1!1!

Bella, the nanodog. Unrelated to this post, but, she’s cute.

Capturing Attention in a Social Media World

When capturing attention in social media, one must be creative. 543 more words

Fish, Chips and Curry Sauce

You can tell a lot about someone from their sandwich order. It’s hardly the most earth-shattering of observations, but I stand by it. So, let me set the scene: you’re in your local friendly neighbourhood sandwich shop – or a Subway – and you’re there with someone you barely know. 1,090 more words


There was no train station. There was no downtown.

I have been struggling to write about this network for a while. Coordinated inauthentic behavior. It’s big, tangled and sophisticated. It’s fascinating and spooky. I don’t know what direction to approach it to start unwrapping the layers and I am having trouble coming up with a catchy theme to tie it together as I pull it apart. 2,892 more words

Social Media Marketing: The Benefits and How-to's

Let’s get our #hashtag on…

experts say social media is no longer as important in marketing as it once was.
What may be true, is that now that everyone is engaging in social media, it… 2,664 more words


Why production journalism matters more than ever

We’re living in a world of digital immediacy; where someone’s opinion can be typed and posted to the internet in a matter of seconds, where it remains there to inform, offend, advise or some other such purpose. 365 more words