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So you want to be a hero?

A new clicker game seems to be riding in popularity and I’m beginning to see why! Almost a hero adds more in depth rpg elements to the normal clicker genre. 217 more words


Almost a Hero

Clickers as RPGs are slowly becoming a thing. The grind of your average JRPG can be easily boiled down to a single repetitive action where power-leveling is concerned and it’s this ‘see the numbers go up’ approach that leaves a sense of satisfaction when playing your average title in this relatively new genre. 988 more words


[Freeware] Indie Dev Story

You are sleeping on a mangy mattress in a room with nothing else in it but an old laptop, with no money, and no prospects. What do you do? 644 more words

1 Player

Shadow Shuriken - Guild Quest


There is always a risk when suiting up and going into the labyrinth of the early access world. Most of the time it is like mining, you have to hack and slash through an almost incomprehensible amount of “dirt” to find something, well, shiny. 1,775 more words


Training for Top Dog Models

What is the two most important things for a Top Dog Model to know, according to me?

  1. Love the camera
  2. Stay in position

I train both these things! 377 more words


Episode 8 - Public Speaking special!

This week me and @arcticdba discuss the art of public speaking. This is something we both try to do as often as possible, and that many of us in the IT-business should try to improve. 40 more words