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NBKP - Bankers Pen

Proudly Presents the…

Bankers Pen with Black Ink

                  Today we’d like to introduce one of the more sleek and classy looking pens that we do. It’s our brand new banker’s style pen  73 more words

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Experience Life From A Dog's Perspective

There are many things that we humans think are important – to have, do and be. Dogs on the other hand don’t care about this stuff. 317 more words

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Decluttering Life (The Dog Equipment)

Day 12 of my challenge to blog everyday for 15 days is to declutter. Decluttering one’s life can mean many things, but I think mostly it means getting rid of the extra stuff that we accumulate over time that takes up space, prevents us from enjoying the things we have AND life, and removing money from our wallets. 318 more words

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Keeping an open mind is a challenge

Of course we all think we are open minded, right? At least I love to think that I am open to new approaches and ideas. But when it comes to horse training I noticed that it can be a real challenge to keep the mind open.  1,138 more words

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My Dog Nose More Than I Do - Naturally

I was working with Tommy on heeling the other day for our next heeling tutorial video, and he wouldn’t heel in one spot on the lawn. 198 more words

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Every Day Is "Take Your Dog To Work Day" Here

I know that tomorrow is “Take Your Dog To Work Day” but I’m doing this one day ahead.

I’m going to finally admit it. I quit my job (5 years ago now) because I could no longer stand to be away from my dogs all day. 118 more words

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Update on Vehicle Training For Tommy

Tommy’s desensitization training is progressing nicely. He can now ride in the van indefinitely at a SLOW rate of speed. As long as we drive slow and I regularly drop food in front of him, he is OK. 233 more words

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