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What's Been Keeping Me: Tap My Katamari

While I haven’t set any real goals or hard deadlines for this place, I do feel a little iffy about not posting somewhat regularly. Not to mention one of those reasons is that when I’m not writing or drawing, I’m playing games that constantly distract me. 987 more words


Review: Clouds & Sheep

Clouds & Sheep ( by HandyGames)  is a different kind of clicker, though it markets itself as a pet simulator. You raise sheep, and feed them to grow more sheep. 221 more words

Game Review

A history of the TV remote control as told through its advertising

Was having to explain to my wife, who is from a different culture and generation, what a “clicker” was… after she was lamenting the “old days” of having to actually put the key in the car door to lock/unlock it. 41 more words

Thoughts For A Sunday Morning

IDLE HEROES Review (IOS/Android)

This is a Review for the free to play game Idle Heroes

Idle Clickers

Click Click Click Click

I have been, unashamedly, been enjoying clickers lately. I first stumbled across Clicker Heroes a while ago when the genre was taking hold … originally not realising that you didn’t need to be logged on incessantly to farm gold (it’s also the main reason I left the game running for a few days straight, resulting in my current Steam count of 111 hours on record), but since I’ve gotten a handle on how the core mechanic works, I’ve been rotating through a healthy selection of clickers on a daily basis, including: 376 more words

Right Click Left

Crunches, Session Four

Session Four was a lovely one.

Horse carried on grazing as we walked over, though she’d raised her head for a few looks, and then when we paused she took it upon herself to toodle over very keenly. 1,789 more words

Video Game Review: THOR.N

When I read the little bio snippet for THOR.N, a game which is currently free on the Humble Monthly Trove until the 2nd of February, I was immediately interested and looked forward to playing it. 803 more words

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