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REVIEW: Plantera

Plantera is a cute take on the clicker genre, a genre which is already gone beyond over populated with most of them being free to play. 858 more words



Widely known as “games that plays itself,” and can be seen in idle (clicker-incremental) games, where players  tap/click screen to up grade units( i.e.  stages,  level, generate in-game currency).   190 more words

Game Features

Vera & Bob explain the Reinforcement Quadrants

“…All animals, including humans learn the same, it is just the results can differ slightly because of species and individual past experience, as well as personality’ Mummy explained as she reached for Vera’s notepad and pen. 1,000 more words

Psychology, Behaviour And Society

Why do we still use physical punishment?

Positive Punishment increases aggression and avoidance, while Positive Reinforcement reduces anxiety and improves confidence and bonding. ‘So why do we still use Positive Punishment with our pets?’ 205 more words

Resources (horses)

'Clicker training doesn't work'

The first thought that comes to my mind when a person tells me ‘Clicker training doesn’t work for my horse’ is ‘Why not? Is he sleeping?’ Just kidding. 763 more words

Clicker Training

Some of this some of that!

Today has been A GOOD DAY!

This is the first good day we have had in so long, the last week feels like it has been utterly miserable, but both me and my partner have enjoyed today so much ^__^ 429 more words

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