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clicker training: an easy method to stop annoying behaviours in your pet


Pretty much anybody with access to the internet will probably have seen some absolutely incredible videos of animals performing bizarre feats at the command of their handler. 1,413 more words


Bridges, powerful tools in horse training

Recently I have received the same question from several people. Why do you need a clicker when you could just use your voice as a bridging signal? 700 more words

Clicker Training

French Bulldog Agility

I had a chance to work with my little friend Henry the French Bulldog again last weekend. There is some thought in certain circles that this breed is NOT intelligent. 283 more words

Clicker Training

Training the Open Door Stay While Camping

On our final camping trip of the season, we did some important training. Lately, I had noticed that the dogs were crowding the trailer door when either Ernie or I came near it. 387 more words

Clicker Training

The musings of Lulu - Part 8 - 3.10.12

Aged 6 months

Metaphorically speaking I am in the dog house! Well Wendy house. SHE has got this contraption for the cat – I ask you. 226 more words

Been forgetting to update.

I’ve been having a rough time with computers lately. My desktop computer and laptop got messed up around the same time. Probably porn related illnesses. So I bought a cheap shitty laptop and haven’t been able to do much. 167 more words

Naughty Dog

My favorite things (Donna Hill, video index)

Click on the link to view all the best by Emily Larham. From basic obedience, to problem solving, learning theory, and assistance dog tasks.