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Clickjacking 2017

Date of prediction: 2009-06-03

»The future: Long standing Web application security scourges such SQL Injection (SQLi), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) are finally under control.

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Integrity monitoring to contain Clickjacking

Using monitoring tools to help detection of malicious activities

Cybercriminals are now using compromised websites and ad fraud to hijack revenue from online business owners. Bleeping Computer reported recently that researchers had detected two campaigns in the past few weeks that seem unrelated. 336 more words

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Anatomy of an Ad-based Clickjacker

UPDATE: it looks like this issue in Safari on iOS (see below) may have been addressed by release 10.3.

Cool. So I was browsing a super cool website the other day (rollcall dot com) in Safari on an iPhone and all of the sudden this happens: 1,090 more words

Variant of Android Ransomware Uses Shady Tactics to Trick Users Into Giving Away Administrator Rights

Symantec has found a variation of Android ransomware that utilizations clickjacking strategies to attempt and trap clients into giving the malware gadget head rights.. And additionally scrambling documents found on the bargained gadget, if manager rights are gotten, the malware can then bolt the gadget, change the gadget PIN, and even erase all client information through a processing plant reset. 476 more words

Security Covered By Norton

Injection attacks (Part 2)

iFrame injection and Clickjacking

iFrame refers to an inline frame, it is used to embed one HTML document into another HTML document.Keep on reading , i will show you how to do that. 451 more words

Application Security

Exploiting a Self XSS On American Express

Sometime ago, ‘American Express‘ had launched its bug bounty program and I was on hunt for some bugs to report($). During which I found an  380 more words