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Protein World: A case of author by relocation?

In case it has passed you by, Protein World have caused outrage this week with this offending poster:

This has enraged feminist circles who have declared this is shaming larger women and making them feel insecure. 648 more words


Activism or slacktivism?

Social media has become a major part in our everyday lives, particularly for those in Generation Y. An Australian study by technology company, Cisco found that… 660 more words

Researching about researching

Sounds exciting, I know.

However, despite the boring vibe given off by the title, this was actually quite an enlightening experience considering I knew nothing about media research or what it was used for or even what areas of it I found interesting. 590 more words

On Kanye West, Glastonbury and Online Petitions

In three months time I’ll be heading to the Glastonbury Festival, where I’ll be doing voluntary work with the Oxfam Stewards As I write there’s an… 662 more words

Join the fight with your Clicktivism

Sometimes ACTIVISM is EASY. You click on stuff and make your opinion known. It’s known as clicktivism and WE ARE CLICKING here at New Jersey for the Overturn of Citizens United. 132 more words

Citizens United

Just go away Jeremy.. Bring yer mates with you as well

Admittedly, I’ve never been a massive fan of Jeremy Clarkson. Anyone who writes a column in the Sun and seemingly spends life riding along the crest of his own inflated, arrogant persona, in my opinion, should probably be held with some contempt. 832 more words