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Social Media + Digital Activism

What potentialities and limitations does online media offer activists attempting to drive social change?

For this video I wanted to highlight the notion of social media as a resource and discuss the ways in which activist groups are able to capitalise off that resource. 1,022 more words


Closing Remarks

The purpose of this blog was to research and give supporting evidence to show the negative impacts of clicktivism and how you can go beyond clicktivism. 448 more words


Online Activism 101

Most of us feel the inherent need to help and give back to society every once in a while. With social media  and in general the increased accessibility of communication channels, the so-called “online activism” has become a fairly easy and quick process. 1,129 more words


"FYI to Keyboard Warriors and Clicktivists: No One Can Hear You"

An article on MORPHEUS goes into the limits of clicktivism. Not only does the article touch base on what clicktivism is not, but it addresses how we can repurpose clicktivism and use the benefits for good.  49 more words


Clicktivism Poetry Slam

Watch CJ Bowerbird’s gripping poetic performance about clicktivism and how it misconstrues our self-image.

“You’re just using an online sink to wash your hands”


UNICEF 2013: A movement against clicktivism

Earlier in our blog’s weeks we shared a video from the UNICEF campaign ‘likes don’t save lives’. This article discusses the 2013 UNICEF campaign in further detail.  99 more words


"Clicktivism: The Illusion of Involvement"

This video gives a small insight on the definition of clicktivism from a student’s perspective and why it may or may not work. The man in this video, Erik Salloum, takes the stance of being against clicktivism because he thinks it allows people to feel like they are taking action when in reality, they aren’t doing much at all. 113 more words