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Activism is Not Dead… Just Different

Guilty as charged, I am a millennial.

We amongst the millennial generation get a bad rap about getting involved. Many of the older generations argue that we don’t engage in the community, volunteering or activism. 366 more words

The unlucky generation

My childhood was busy with flying kites, jump rope, bamboo jacks, blind man’s buff, tug of war, mandarin square capturing and bamboo dancing that is spattered with mud and sweat. 524 more words

Social Media

"I'm so much cooler online"

If there is one thing I have learned about living things (humans, animals, plants, etc), it is that we are ALL a little weird. 367 more words

The Evolution of Online Advocacy

In the surreal world of social media, advocacy has evolved in many different ways. But has the evolution of online advocacy actually increased the capability of individuals to bring about change? 1,003 more words

Social Media

New forms of political participation: what’s new, if anything?

There is no doubt that the nature of political participation is changing in liberal democracy. At first, many researchers argued that the main feature of this change was an increase in political apathy. 1,113 more words

Political Participation


SEBELUMNYA saya merasa perlu menyampaikan permohonan maaf karena memilih judul yang menambahi ungkapan  baru dalam bahasa yang telah penuh sesak dengan idiom baru. Tetapi apa mau dikata, perubahan peristiwa dalam kehidupan sehari-hari antara lain akibat perbedaan generasi dan pemanfaatan teknologi melahirkan banyak ungkapan-ungkapan baru. 653 more words

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Internet Hacktivism

What is hacktivism?

A term first used by the online collective ‘Cult of the Dead Cow’, hacktivism now refers loosely to the act of using the internet to incite some sort of change (whether that be the democratisation of software, or exposing hidden truths). 294 more words

CTS: Design Activism