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Is it the click that matters or the CHOICE to click?

This week we have been discussing internet activism and the concepts ‘clicktivism’ and ‘slacktivism’. For me, those in support of internet activism refer to the concept as clicktivism and for those who don’t, it is ‘slacktivism’. 410 more words


Mechanized Mutiny- Is 'Slacktivism' Still Activism?

With the prevalence of online activist campaigns in social media environments with their basic ‘click to support’ mentality, cyber-activism or ‘clicktivism‘ has gained its fair share of both supporters and critics. 275 more words


The Effectiveness of Clicktivism in Grassroots Political Campaigns

In the formation of protest group Wake up About the War, law student Abbey Reyes raises possibly the most important question of online activism

“Could you imagine going back to the days of phone trees and local meetings?” (Reyes, cited in Keefe 2003).

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Online volunteering: an effective way to help in a digital age?

With the rise of social media and an increasingly connected world, we are also seeing the rise of online activism. Being able to stay curled up at home when it’s cold and miserable and still be doing something to help others is an incredibly attractive prospect. 308 more words


We Have Banksy …NOW WHAT?

Original Article published April 1, 2014 on Sassmouth

How can you criticise human rights activism? It’s kinda like kicking a puppy, isn’t it? But I feel compelled to talk about activism critically, after  1,280 more words


Missing the mark: #MCInHerShoes

Recently, to commemorate Women’s Month, Marie Claire South Africa announced their #MCInHerShoes campaign. The campaign features 18 male celebrities who pose in high-heeled shoes to “stand with women”.  667 more words

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Avaaz: clicktivist heroes or Soros wolf in woolly disguise?

by BlackCatte

Avaaz, with a membership topping 40 million, is one of the princes of the clicktivist phenomenon. These virtual warriors for justice are everywhere and have been for a while, and once you somehow arrive on their mailing list you are going to be bombarded with their earnest updates until you find the magic unsubscribe button that sets you free. 2,839 more words

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