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Comrade, I'll add you on Facebook

Many politically active people love Facebook. It has made their need for expression more vibrant and has widened the reach of their deeds and words. Everyone now can have a channel or a medium for broadcasting their views and opinions. 981 more words


Facebook users all over the world are checking in at the Standing Rock reservation to protest the Dakota pipeline

For months, Native Americans and environmental activists have been protesting the construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. The protest at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation (which encompasses parts of North and South Dakota) is centered around two concerns with the pipeline’s proposed construction: its environmental impact of (some say it will threaten the safety of drinking water in the area) its desecration of native culture (some members of the Standing Rock Sioux say would deface a sacred burial ground.) 209 more words

In Defence of 'Clickivism' [Qmunicate]

It is commonly regarded that the internet went ‘public’ in 1991. I was born in 1994 meaning I have never lived in a world where an online presence was inactive. 910 more words


Dismounting the activism high horse

The world sucks right now, y’all. ISIS is displacing millions of people, race relations in the U.S. seem to be regressing instead of progressing, the next U.S. 1,071 more words

About Something.

If you Agree, Like and Share! - The Danger of Isms

The danger of identifying with an ism/group is that, by doing so, we sacrifice our own nuanced individual beliefs for the benefit of the ism, supporting and eventually conforming to the beliefs, customs, and ideologies identified within the larger ism to avoid the contradictions that are created between the overriding ism’s ideology and our own beliefs. 304 more words

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