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Controlling Network Access and OSI Model Q&A

In the client server model, what is the primary protocol used for communication between a browser and Web Server?

  • HTTP

Which two encryption protocols might be used to provide secure transmissions for browser and Web server communications? 730 more words


The Cost of JDBC Server Roundtrips

Or: Move That Loop into the Server Already!

This article will illustrate the significance of something that I always thought to be common sense, but I keep seeing people getting this (very) wrong in their productive systems. 1,837 more words


2 servers running of the same computer

It’s actually possible. Set them to listen at different ports, and portfarward to those ports…
e.g. (this isn’t a real ip…) Could be one open port, then make another random port e.g. 80 more words

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What is SSH?

A very well welcome to my lovely reader! how are you, by the way?

Well, A long way back I heard about something called “Telnet”. At that time I got to know that it is used for remote login. 2,194 more words



Now all of us who use the internet are well aware of the word website, now most of us aren’t aware of how they actually work. 387 more words


Pembelajaran Sholat Menggunakan Algoritma Fisher Yates

DEMO APK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0Z4h339TCVcRzFtVG9tbmZnLWs

Deskripsi :           Aplikasi pembelajaran sholat. terdapat materi dasar sholat, panduan gerakan sholat dengan gambar dan suara. Terdapat latihan soal yang nomor soalnya di acak dengan Algoritma Fisher Yates. 86 more words

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Pencarian Kendaraan Bermotor Dengan Algoritma Rabin Karp

DEMO APK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0Z4h339TCVcSUpYdlM0SFJSdzg

Deskripsi :           Aplikasi pencarian kendaraan bermotor dengan algoritma Rabin Karp. Pencarian dapat berdasarkan Merk,Type,Tahun dan Nilai Taksasi.

Compile SDK Version : API 23: Android 6.0… 83 more words

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