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Now all of us who use the internet are well aware of the word website, now most of us aren’t aware of how they actually work. 387 more words


Pembelajaran Sholat Menggunakan Algoritma Fisher Yates

DEMO APK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0Z4h339TCVcRzFtVG9tbmZnLWs

Deskripsi :           Aplikasi pembelajaran sholat. terdapat materi dasar sholat, panduan gerakan sholat dengan gambar dan suara. Terdapat latihan soal yang nomor soalnya di acak dengan Algoritma Fisher Yates. 86 more words

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Pencarian Kendaraan Bermotor Dengan Algoritma Rabin Karp

DEMO APK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0Z4h339TCVcSUpYdlM0SFJSdzg

Deskripsi :           Aplikasi pencarian kendaraan bermotor dengan algoritma Rabin Karp. Pencarian dapat berdasarkan Merk,Type,Tahun dan Nilai Taksasi.

Compile SDK Version : API 23: Android 6.0… 83 more words

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Common Network Topology

We often think of ring topologies as being those older style of networks. When we think back to the older token ring networks for instance. And although we don’t see token ring networks around much any longer, we still use ring topologies for our Wide Area Networks. 843 more words


Appium- Introduction

In the current era , everything is going “digital” . Be it existing businesses , or poppy new start-ups , way to move forward is to have a representative mobile application , in short “app” , which provides a convenient and faster interface to their users . 580 more words


Client/Server Architecture

It is architecture of a network of computers where many clients request and receive services from a main server also known as the host computer. 133 more words

We Need Better Languages, Not More Frameworks

We tend to think that programming languages are getting smarter every year. But do they? Many people also believe that the endless stream of open source frameworks makes us more productive. 949 more words