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No Laptops...Just Our Brains And A Whiteboard

Yesterday, we ventured out of the office to the local WeWork space for a brainstorming day.

The combine forces of the Marketing and Client Services teams sat down and tackled some of the challenges that have come up over the first half of this year. 220 more words

Diary Of A Marketer In New York

Blog Post Six - Professional Associations

Read the textbook (pages 121-125), the OLA website, and the OALT/ABO website. Prepare three questions for our guest speakers; post them on your blog and bring them to class on November 25th. 20 more words


Blog Post Five – Special Libraries

Why are LITs well-suited to support knowledge management, media monitoring and/or competitive intelligence services in businesses? Find a job-posting for a knowledge management, media monitoring and/or competitive intelligences entry-level position.  110 more words


Blog Post Four – Speed Dating/Booktalk Activity

Evaluation is an important piece of delivering one-time and ongoing events or activities. In your blog post for this week, answer the following questions: What worked well with our speed dating format booktalks today? 128 more words


Blog Post Three – Celebrity Poster

For this assignment we had to photograph a peer reading a book.


Blog Post Two - Literacy

Cite at least three reasons you believe it’s important to support, deliver, or participate in literacy initiatives at your library and/or in your broader community. Support your answer with research from the four articles listed on the PowerPoint slides for this week. 104 more words


Blog Post One - Agile and Rigid Library Professionals

Read Chapter Two of The Agile Librarian’s Guide to Thriving in Any Institution.  Think about your experiences as a client using a service at a library.  102 more words