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From Eyelets to Empanadas: My Meeting with Dora

Last night, the skies opened up and doused Asunción with winter rain. It’s a brief reprieve from the staggering 90-degree plus days we’ve been having, but this morning, we’re back in the thick of it. 852 more words


I Am Out of Hibernation.

Do you know that feeling; when you have not been to the gym in a year, and decide to go back? You hop on an elliptical, set it to its maximum uphill climb level, start pedaling at 3.2 mph, then after 4 and a half minutes, get dizzy and vomit? 372 more words

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Client Letter - HRCMI Made My Dream Come True

Elder Law of Michigan recently received a letter from Mrs. Sylvia Scales, a client who received assistance with her Step Forward Application from the Housing Rights Center of Michigan (HRCMI), a program of ELM. 369 more words

Housing Rights Center Of Michigan

A Client Story: Help for a Veteran and his family

Marcus was two months behind on rent when he reached out to the community services in his area. He and his wife, Shelly, rent a house surrounded by farms. 511 more words

Hitting the Ground Running with Client Visits on my Second Day with Akiba

At some point during our walk down the dusty, uneven road packed with minibuses and motorcycles inches away from hitting me, unfamiliar music and sounds blasting from unseen speakers, people selling everything from plastic toys to Adidas shorts to cell phones to furniture, and a profusion of life and color all around, I thought to myself, “This is exactly what I was hoping to see in Tanzania.” 659 more words


A Client Story: Reason to Smile

“I always had a good job,” says Tamara. “I always worked.” When she was laid off, her income stopped. “I never in a million years thought I would be homeless,” she asserts, but that is what happened four years ago. 669 more words

A Client Story: Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope...

The former first lady of the United States, Lady Bird Johnson, once said “where flowers bloom so does hope.” No one knows more about that, and the power of hope to overcome the challenges we face in life, than 62-year old Violet, a current TLC participant. 687 more words

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