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Wallet Wednesday Project

The head of my university course department decided to give us a project that has been close to his heart for a long time. He wanted us to create a platform that promotes collaboration between students currently studying at university. 716 more words


It Came in a Certain Shade of Yellow

The key to self-improvement of any kind is first to recognize that you want to improve something. Any time you ask someone for advice or help with your happiness and safety, you’re asking someone or something to intervene. 614 more words

Making Connections

Your Home Reflects Your Growth

Homes reflect their owners, which is what mirroring is all about. In therapy, mirroring is used to reflect back gestures or mimic words and tones. I use color with a similar intention in mind when I’m creating palettes for clients’ homes. 684 more words

Devine Color

Homeowner #6

THERE IS A SMALL NEIGHBORHOOD IN THE OUTSKIRTS OF PORTLAND, OREGON that I had the opportunity to spend some time in. If memory serves me right, at the time of this story this new development had nine lots with seven homes already built. 485 more words

Devine Color

They Called Me a Dragon

THERE HAVE BEEN PLENTY OF TIMES THROUGHOUT MY CAREER that I have had to fight for what was true and authentic about my brand, but no one had ever called me a dragon. 1,159 more words

Devine Color

Feeding 5,000... well almost!

Today is one of those days that I am so proud to be the director of The Family Center, I am so proud to be with this wonderful organization.  659 more words


Tires from God

It is not uncommon to receive a call from a church wanting to know how to help someone.  Many times the request for help is not something the church can do in the confines of their sanctuary or offices and we are called on for advice or collaboration when dealing with poverty in our community.  914 more words