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enjoyed this wonderfully odd february weather with my clients and had group outside. i shared with them a popular blog (http://pigtailpalsblog.com/2011/08/waking-up-full-of-awesome/#.WKtnqTxOKEc) and then we all came up with ways we can rediscover our awesome!


Is Your Online Audience Actually Listening To You?

by Jon Allo

The more involvement you can get with your online audience the more successful your internet marketing efforts will be. But your audience won’t be listening to you if you’re not telling them anything that adds value to their lives. 450 more words

Duly Noted

Recently, it occurred to me that I’m not nearly as much of a genius as I used to think I was. This is not done with a great deal of sadness, merely a pragmatic realization (one of my father’s favorite sayings is, “Humility is a true estimation of one’s worth”).

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Founder Post: Confessions of an economic (s)hitman

Case Study vs Con: How a former Central Bank Governor ripped off a T&T small business. 

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of forging a creative company, from scratch, from dirt and dust, from fire and rust. 1,359 more words

Trinidad And Tobago

7 Ways to Communicate Effectively

As a communication major and entrepreneur, I understand the importance of having effective verbal, written & interpersonal communication skills, especially when you “… ✔️compose emails, ✔️facilitate meetings, ✔️participate in conference calls, ✔️create reports, ✔️devise presentations ✔️interact with your colleagues and clients!” According to MindTools, “The 7 C’s provides a checklist for making sure that your meetings, emails, conference calls, reports and presentations are well constructed and clear – so your audience gets your message.” Read on as we highlight the 7 Ways to “Effectively” Communicate to Clients! 451 more words

Should You Switch Your Site to HTTPS? - How to Find Clients Online

Should You Switch Your Site to HTTPS? If the user sees “not secure” sign when they browse on the site, your brand will no longer seem completely trust.