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Women Give Advice To Their Younger Selves, And It’s Advice You’ll Follow...

The film was created for Sanctuary Spa – a UK-based skincare brand and health spa. According to their research, around 40% of women feel like they’re about to burn out and thus the campaign, called #LetGo, and is centred on stress. 23 more words


Boss Lady dances to the tunes of Patel Rap. Well, Almost.


Have three pitches to close this week. Will I be successful or will I not? Will it be a hat-trick or a total loss? All these important questions, consciously linked to business growth and subconsciously linked to self-esteem, will be answered soon.  504 more words


Biashara Talk: Keys to winning Big in Kisumu over Nairobi

The advantage of doing business in a large city, like Nairobi, is that the sheer numbers of people passing outside your business every day is likely, simply by chance, to bring in many more casual customers in a week than a business in a smaller city like Kisumu.  183 more words


Another happy customer!

Congratulations to 9 Bar Roasting!

They approached me almost a year ago for a business plan.  They are a  boutique coffee roasting company that serves to restaurants, La Cimbali and Casadio equipment sales, as well as barista training, in addition to delicious coffee in their Northridge store.   17 more words

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How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist Clients When Filing a Claim

After an accident, many Los Angeles residents wonder whether they should hire an attorney. A personal injury attorney can help accident victims sort through the emotional turmoil and stress of an automobile accident. 121 more words


Can you introduce a friend to your business supplier?

As there are two sides to a coin, so are two sides to a story. A friend related a recent experience about how she ran into a problem with a client she was supposed to supply some goods to. 338 more words

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