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Sweet Little Sophie Jo

I love it when I get to take maternity photos of a client…and then photos of the beautiful baby they were carrying in those original photos.   88 more words


Agency-Client Dysfuntion.

Last time i was at Cannes, i went into a session about maintaining client relationships. This CD from Turkey spoke of her glorious client relationship, where she and the client had bonded so well and become such good friends that she ended up becoming the client’s maid of honour. 255 more words

Entrepreneurs: Increase Your Prices, Increase Your Profits

My nan used to say me as a teenager, “Buy cheap and you’ll more often than not, buy twice” And of course there is the old saying of “You get what you pay for” 2,558 more words


Amazon...come on


I order 4 things from Amazon.  Three of the four are delivered without a problem. The fourth however…

I’m not concerned with them being unable to deliver the package, though I feel that would be a valid complaint. 465 more words


Saving grace/puppies

All my posts thus far have either been about sex, men or relationships (is that a reflection of how my mind works?!). I’m switching it up a little and writing about the serious(ish) side of my life. 372 more words