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Word to the Wise - Clif High and the Rising Tide

The tide is coming.  You can either grab the surfboard, paddle out into open waters and ride the wave, or wait on the shore and brace for impact. 236 more words

Interview: Clif High on TechRenaissance, March 17, 2018

I liked this interview, because Clif goes deep into the nuts and bolts of webbot methodology.

It’s a short list of topics that’s not long enough to put down.

Be well, Everyone.

Clif High

Interview: CryptoBlood and Clif High, Feb. 2018

Two popular personalities on youtube in one interview. Topics listed below the video.

Be well, Everyone.

Topics touched on

  • Webbot data questions
  • Bitcoin or gold as a hedge…
  • 20 more words

Clif High: Ideas Unmasked, Not the Man; and March 2018 Alta Report -- Blockchain Highlights

This is an Open Letter to Commenters. You know who you are. And I suspect, I know who you are.

Seeing the Future (Hint: You Can’t) 1,240 more words


Interview: Omar Bahm & Clif High (via Crypt0's News)

A lot of ground covered in this discussion.  Topics noted below the video. Omar is on Youtube as well as Clif (though he doesn’t bother uploading there any more. 517 more words

Commentary And Opinions

The Bitcoin Blockchain, Gold, Tether Connection

Correlations are easy to visualize at times. One can see that recently, with few exceptions, many cryptocurrencies marched in tandem. In the early days, this was not the case. 1,737 more words


JSNIP4 Reveals- Dec. 2017 Webbot Report

Good stuff.  Give this a listen through and you’ll begin to see why I (and others) keep reference on the webbot reports when it comes to crypto markets and events in related spaces. 154 more words