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The Social Media War on Words is Killing Ad Revenue

Clif explains why the advertising model for social media is imploding.

If you have been advertising on social media, you may want to take a break for a while. 25 more words


clif's wujo - March 23, 2017 - EM50 studio, vid theft, censorship, bitcoin

Discussion about new video studio, recent flurry of vid theft, as well as censorship by social media, impact on advertisers, bitcoin, the fork, and new work.


Cif High: Deep State Power Struggle, MSM Collapse, More Chaos.

Clif High rejoins the program to discuss his latest research. We dig deep into many topics.


Clif High: Deep State Power Struggle, MSM Collapse, More Chaos, Part 1

A female computer scientist, turned talk show host has been interviewing Clif High, lately… In today’s interview, they discuss the DEEP STATE and ongoing political battles, including Vault 7. 18 more words


Clif High: The Deep State is Dying

“You have to understand that our current power elite are worse in their corruption than Caligula or Nero, and we are going through that same level of degradation in our empire.” – Clif High…

534 more words

Clif High-Chaos Starts Middle of March

Internet data mining expert Clif High says his latest research shows the mainstream legacy media is fearful. High predicts “1/3 of our broadcast media personalities . 133 more words

Economic Report

Clif High: Chaos Starts in the Middle of March

The Ides of March could be very significant, this year, as the US government hits the debt-ceiling on March 15th.

Greg Hunter and Clif High discuss the context of the latest ALTA report, including the on-going battle with the Deep State and the YUGE number of paedophilia arrests that the legacy media continues to ignore.