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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Despite the title of my post, as you can see I ended up sweating quite a bit Sunday in my 19.75 miler (yes the .75 is important). 599 more words


DAY 21: New Recipe to try!

Super stoked on this book by Camilla V. Saulsbury  from Power Hungry !!  Cause buying power bars or energy bars can be expensive and full of things you don’t want in your system. 328 more words

How to Eat Well on Trail

When you are spending an entire day transporting everything you need to survive up and over mountains, food becomes amplified in importance. It is no longer just three meals a day;  it is the gasoline that fuels us forward; it is a currency; it is a reward as precious as a pot of gold for a long, hard day’s work!  683 more words

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This is a subject I was going to address over the winter for new hikers starting next season, however as the saying goes, "Why re-invent the wheel?" I hope you enjoy this very informative and well written post by Mountain Crossings At Neel Gap. :)

Europe - Day Six (Saturday 4 July 2015)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Today I gave myself a relatively late start again being that today I officially start my tour and won’t get many sleep ins for the next two weeks. 682 more words


Pizza running gel

Cliff pizza gel

Best new running gel flavor! Cliff has a new line of more food like gels.

it might sound disgusting if you haven’t done really long races. 26 more words


My Performance Enhancing Shame

By The Mamil

Earlier this week the Cycling Independent Reform Commission reported, amongst other less important things, that doping in the amateur sport was endemic.  Yes, I needed to read it twice as well – the… 431 more words

Performance Improvement

My Valentine Run

4 hours

1 cliff bar

3 strange dogs

6 bridges

1 abandoned house

20 degrees of temperature change

Uncounted miles

Me running with you

In the woods