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Cliff diving Magic Island

So this is when I accidentally dropped my camera and it freely sank and rested about 5m deep. Got these two nemos smiling for the camera :) 17 more words


A Thrilling Venture: Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

Weeks ago, out of spontaneity, I joined an event on facebook for a weekend trip to Fortune Island. Apparently, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. 1,561 more words


Sweat to death..

Getting off the chilly bus to Cartagena was a shock to the system, I was sticky instantly. Luckily, there had been two other backpackers on the bus so we shared a taxi together to the old towns here I decided to stay in La Viajero with Nadia, from Canada. 610 more words


Lesson in Black and White

Too often I ignored what’s in my sight.

Leapt off a cliff awaiting God’s rescue.

His lessons spelled out in plain black and white.

The devil said to Jesus one dark night, 134 more words



Fresh and still exhilarated from my Camiguin trip the previous month, my mind was battling over where to go for a quick weekend getaway. I was choosing between Malapascua and Camotes but the travel time to Malapascua will eat up the few days I have so I opted for Camotes which is nearer the city. 2,231 more words


The Fortune in Fortune Island

By now, you’ve heard about Fortune Island. The Greek-inspired columns…the pristine teal waters surrounding the paradise..the story behind the remains of a woman enclosed in a monument who, every now and then, haunts unwanted visitors…there are a number of tales pertaining to how mesmerizing the island is, to tell you the truth. 854 more words