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WATCH: Illegal 5 Story Laguna Beach Hotel Roof Jump

The masked renegade cliff jumper of Southern California is back at it again with this 5 story roof jump from the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. 19 more words

Cliff Jumping

Boracay Babes. 

Flying into Kalibo from Manila we knew we needed a bus, boat and taxi to our accommodation in Boracay. It sounded long at the time, but a straight walk out of the airport to the desk of Southwest Tours and all return transport was purchased. 854 more words

WATCH: Sketchy Laguna Beach Beam Jump...Perfect Timing Required

It might not be the highest dives but it looks like shallow water (hence the intentional back splat) and if you don’t nail the timing it could be disastrous.

Cliff Jumping

Touring Fiji, Viti Levu: school, bilibili rafting, cliff jumping and fun all round

The next day, rising early, we scoffed down our buffet breakfast, packed and got ready to leave. I bid farewell to the dutch girls and hopped on to the jetty. 1,319 more words


WATCH: 83ft Triple Frontflip, 70ft Back Flops, Cliff Biking and 110ft Gainer

83ft Triple Frontflip, 70ft back flops, riding bike off cliffs and a massive 110ft gainer….all in a day’s work for the dude at Adrenaline Addiction. Gnarly edit.

Cliff Jumping

VIDEO: Californian Knocked Out Cold Jumping Massive Waterfall in Kauai, HAWAII

“I did get knocked out when I hit the water and completely lost my memory for about five minutes after being pulled out of the water.” 155 more words

Cliff Jumping

WATCH: Cali Bro Poaches Laguna Hotel Pool Jump

When you pull a stunt like that, you don’t have any time to bask in your survival because you gotta haul ass to avoid getting pinched. 41 more words

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