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Never Been Scared

A Day in Cinque Terre

We had the good fortune of taking a party bus to Cinque Terre.  Before studying in Europe, I hadn’t had much experience with any form of party transportation, but I was enlightened shortly after we booked our trip to the Italian coastline through Bus2Alps.   3,322 more words

3 Things that Made the Guys say "I CAN'T EVEN."

This weekend most of us spent some time sitting on the couch or in our bed browsing through social media. (Am I right?) However, our beloved… 347 more words

Boston You're My Home

Christmas on a Beach

Waking up Christmas morning with a hangover is pretty much standard at home for me. Waking up Christmas morning with a hangover knowing you can walk straight onto the beach and jump into the ocean is amazing. 638 more words


Trip of a Lifetime

Just wanted to share my all time favourite YouTube video with you all. It has everything I love in it. Probably one of the main influences on my original want for travel.


Hawai'i Photoblog #5: the cliff jumpers

During my recent Hawai’i trip I came across a group of young native Hawaiians jumping extraordinary distances off cliffs into the ocean.  The image below features a boy probably around 14 years of age.   135 more words