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Meet The Badass Adventurer Bringing Cliff Diving To The Mainstream

Living a double life is inherently cool. Just ask Batman, Hannah Montana, or Hope Lane — the super cool woman working to push cliff diving… 2,163 more words

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Cliff Jumping at Imeldas Cave | Marcos Island

Here’s some images from our hundred islands tour. Cliff jumping at Imeldas Cave, Marcos Island.

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Note: Image credit from one of our guests – Ray Bamba.

Hundred Islands

#29: Salagdoong Beach

This is definitely the main highlight for me on Siquijor Island. Salagdoong beach itself is a bit rocky but the water is so clean and you get a sweet open view of the ocean for days. 33 more words




CLIFF JUMPING: You climb up, and up, and up. Up to the very top of that cliff you’ve been climbing. Finally, you are there. There’s no going back. 515 more words


La Peñita

There’s a hidden gem on one of Dominican Republics highways. It’s hidden by trees and rocks, impossible to see from the passenger side. There are no parking lots, no houses, just a man-made trail that leads to this gem. 407 more words


The First Post and I Go Cliff Jumping

So this is the first post. Usually the first time of anything tends to be awkward for me and I find it easier to just get it over with as quickly as possible. 407 more words


Afraid of Heights?

Say or think what you will but you have to give Cape Breton, N.S. native Logan LaTulippe a lot of credit. Logan challenges himself to take calculated risks and though he doesn’t recommend cliff jumping for those without experience, he does encourage local youth to find their passion and follow their dreams, whatever they may be and to set the bar high. 38 more words