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Holiday in Santorini

Just got back to Athens a couple hours ago; I actually really missed it. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good weekend it Santorini, but Athens has become familiar, it’s like home. 760 more words

Cliff Jumper

This year my resolution is to be more vulnerable.  My start to this was sort of unplanned, but it happened anyway and I think it is a small stepping stone towards my goal:  I’ve started video recording some of my tough times.  473 more words

Tourist days (pt 2)

The second day Paul’s sister was here, we went to Wattamolla Beach which is in the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney.

It’s a beautiful little spot which has the sea, but then an area of beach breaking off the water to a lake type thing. 133 more words


Why Risks in Travel are Worth the Adventure

I stood in the filthy alleyway, balancing on a pair of rocks as the mixture of water and filth ran over the dirt ground like a stream. 1,024 more words


Mount Martha Pillars

Myself and four friends decided that we wanted to go cliff diving. Sounds dangerous, and quite stupid, but it was fun. On our adventures we found a place called Mount Martha. 292 more words


Through a series of circumstances both good and bad, I have found myself up in the air.  This is a familiar experience from all of my travels, yet this time I am without a plane or an attendant or a parachute (more on this to come).  1,911 more words