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Spitting Cave

Spitting Cave is located at Portlock Point in Honolulu at the end of Lumahai Street.  Look for the narrow path that’s near marker 119A.   It gets steep, so be careful.  62 more words

A Cliff of Life or Death

During my lifestyle in Gravenhurst. I had fallen in love with anything to do with cliffs. Cliff jumping is one of my favourite hobbies. Anything to do with a big slant of natural rock I  will be interested especially if I can jump off it. 149 more words


I don’t normally suggest that people jump off tall cliffs (and with good reason), but there are times when it can help. For example, if you’re being chased by a ravening tiger (or other large cat), it can help to jump headlong from a cliff, since the animal may be disinclined to take such a drastic course.  86 more words

WATCH: Super Sketchy Gap By The SoCal Rooftop Bandit

That got my palms sweaty just watching. That was a big gap with not much of a run in. This guy is nuts.

The masked bandit got a lot of exposure back in October (7+ million views) from this  7 more words

Cliff Jumping


We left Santorini bright and early, headed out on a ferry. Where I’m from, our ferries are pretty small and don’t travel for long distances. So when we got to the port and I saw these massive ships, similar to a cruise ship, I was very surprised. 552 more words


NSFWL: CliffJumping YouTuber Comes Dangerously Close To Hitting The Rocks

“A VERY close call after jumping off a cliff over a HUGE gap. I was about 1 foot from death.” -Chase Reinford

Youtuber Chase Reinford… 39 more words

Cliff Jumping

Ralston, Pennsylvania

Ralston, PA is known locally as a good spot for cliff jumping and picnicking in the woods. If you do not live nearby, you probably have never heard of it. 96 more words