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'The Wicked Die Young' So That Refn Might Truly Live

In which we get to hear some of what inspired Nicolas Winding Refn when he was creating his distinctive film

Director Nicolas Winding Refn has great taste in music.

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'Drive' Soundtrack on 8-Track?

… Well, sorta.¬†Guess the songs.

Jay Malone, who made the video, explained in the video’s comments how he made it. It’s fairly simple and straightforward: “That 8-Track unit is also a recorder. 99 more words


Cliff Martinez - The Neon Demon OST

Great soundtrack right here! Plus the two tracks by Julian Winding and Sweet Tempest are really good. 7/10.


The Neon Demon - A Feast For The Ears

Although the movie itself fiercely divided critical opinion, one thing all rational beings agreed on is that Cliff Martinez’s score to The Neon Demon was pretty fucking great. 111 more words

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'Neon Demon' and 'The Knick' Composer on Telling Horror Stories Through Sound

Quick, what do these stories have in common: A stuntman and getaway driver played by Ryan Gosling cruising around L.A. in leather riding gloves ( 1,083 more words

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