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Why I'm sick of news 'stories': A rant on media narrative obsession

It’s fairly obvious that sensationalism sells. How else do you explain the otherwise baffling popularity of some of this country’s most popular ‘news’ sources? This should not be, however, an excuse for sensationalising every detail of every single news item, which I shall refuse to refer to as ‘stories’ so as not to perpetuate the practice. 825 more words


International PHOTO-CAST Casting Directory for Light Entertainment, 1962/63

Found this amazing old casting directory in a second-hand shop in Highgate. Sadly a previous owner has removed some of the pages, but left enough to give a window onto a lost era when pop groups were promoted alongside magicians, cat impersonators and “exotic adagio dancers”. 21 more words

Cliff Richard. Now three alleged pedophile victims

The Daily Mail London has published that there are now three boy victims of Cliff Richard.

South Yorkshire Police have set up a dedicated team of officers under the name Operation Kaddie. 661 more words

Cliff Richard the British mega pop star. Update re the current British Police investigation of his alleged pedophilia

On 19 August 2014 I wrote an article on this site entitled, ‘Cliff Richard: Is Cliff Richard gay? Is Cliff Richard a pedophile?’, after Cliff Richard’s penthouse mansion was raided by the Yorkshire Police. 1,433 more words

Meerdere ‘Jimmy Savile beschuldigingen’ tegen ‘Sir Pedo-Cliff Richard’.

( van onze Wie neukt wie privé redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- De Amsterdamse ‘Showbizz- Vuilnis- kring van Pedo-Evert Santegoed (video) en de ‘Joris Demmink VVD- Pedo- kliek blijft op uitdrukkelijk verzoek van Ivo Opstelten buiten het Engelse politie onderzoek naar de Showbizz-Vuilnis-Pedo’s. 288 more words

Media -Maffia

That's Why That Was Important For Us #2

Don Hostman: “Still awake? Has your life taken wrongs turns too? Then welcome to ‘That’s Why That Was Important For Us‘, a topical news show aiming to uncover the ‘true social value’ of stories in the news. 722 more words