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It’s So Funny How We Don’t Talk Anymore (Ode to Cliff Richard)

My ex-wife got remarried two weeks ago. It hardly registered, good, bad or indifferent. Our past time together is so distant now.

We’ll be forever connected by our two kids, 19 and 16. 518 more words

Children Of Divorce

April 10th - Cliff Richard at No. 1 - "Congratulations!"

In 1968, #CliffRichard was No.1 with his 41st release #Singing #Feelgood


And celebrations
When I tell everyone that you’re in love
With me… 230 more words

Feel Good

Rocks In The Attic #381: The Shadows - ‘The Shadows’ Greatest Hits ’ (1963)

Last year I read Mark Lewisohn’s first volume of his Beatles super biography, The Beatles: All These Years. One of the many, many nuggets of information I gleaned from it was that while the Beatles were over in Germany for their first shambolic Hamburg trip, the Shadows came out with… 151 more words


Every UK Number One Song: The Minute You're Gone

I have a playlist that contains every UK number one song since charts began in 1952. Thanks to EveryHit, this is a fairly simple process. 53 more words


For the EU Fact Finding Mission into UK #ChildAbuse visiting the UK


From ardent blogger, researcher and historic journalist William Shepherd:

Jersey, Britain’s greatest centre for tax dodging and money laundering…second only to the City of London…also enforces a culture of denial about child abuse and punishes reporters and public officials who investigate it. 404 more words

Public Interest Advocacy

Released today in 1986: Living Doll

Living Doll was a charity single for Comic Relief, and the comedy team from The Young Ones (featuring Smash Hits cover stars Ade Edmondson and… 423 more words

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