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For the EU Fact Finding Mission into UK #ChildAbuse visiting the UK


From ardent blogger, researcher and historic journalist William Shepherd:

Jersey, Britain’s greatest centre for tax dodging and money laundering…second only to the City of London…also enforces a culture of denial about child abuse and punishes reporters and public officials who investigate it. 404 more words

Public Interest Advocacy

Released today in 1986: Living Doll

Living Doll was a charity single for Comic Relief, and the comedy team from The Young Ones (featuring Smash Hits cover stars Ade Edmondson and… 423 more words

Career Detail

0738 Do You Want To Dance - Cliff Richard And The Shadows (1962)

This song was written and recorded by Bobby Freeman in 1958. It was part of Cliff Richard And The Shadows’ repertoire. They recorded the song in 1961 at Abbey Road Studios. 81 more words


NEWSFLASH: Modern Music isn't dead.

It’s a commonly held belief that the music industry is stacked against bands. “There aren’t any good bands around anymore” people say, sobbing into their vinyl collections. 1,013 more words


Why I'm sick of news 'stories': A rant on media narrative obsession

It’s fairly obvious that sensationalism sells. How else do you explain the otherwise baffling popularity of some of this country’s most popular ‘news’ sources? This should not be, however, an excuse for sensationalising every detail of every single news item, which I shall refuse to refer to as ‘stories’ so as not to perpetuate the practice. 825 more words


International PHOTO-CAST Casting Directory for Light Entertainment, 1962/63

Found this amazing old casting directory in a second-hand shop in Highgate. Sadly a previous owner has removed some of the pages, but left enough to give a window onto a lost era when pop groups were promoted alongside magicians, cat impersonators and “exotic adagio dancers”. 21 more words