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Fail Punner Tom

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Cliff Anger is a defiant and bitter commie. Jessica is back behind the camera after the unfortunate “Barbie” debacle. (I somehow totally missed that development this week, which says plenty about the Jessica character in general). 236 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

In Soviet Russia YOU call ComGovOp

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Contemporary issues come roaring to the fore today as FW courageously takes a swipe at Senator Joseph McCarthy and the Cold War-fueled “Red Scare”. 265 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

The Myth Of Muhammed Contemplating Suicide

Dr. Muhammad Mohar Ali (Professor Of The History of Islam)

The report ends with the statement that there was a pause in the coming of wahy after the first instalment delivered at Hira. 6,103 more words


Phu Kradueng - Before you go

Little notice for you:

Make sure you are in good condition of health! If you feel sick, dizzy or girls in alarming days, do not hesitate to postpone the trip or else you will feel really tired and annoyed. 673 more words

Phu Kradueng

Sentences Batom Rarely Hears For $100, Alex

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BOOM! Look at Cliff, trying not to crack up. Sometimes NomBat makes this way too easy.

“Yeah, the feds got wise to us while we were filming “Starbuck Jones Leads The Righteous Lunar Proletariat In A Galactic Revolt Against The Decadent Capitalist Space Bourgeois” and long story short, I spent the next thirty-two years working a floor buffer at Leavenworth. 288 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

And The Wind Blows...

And The Wind Blows…

Comic style panels depicting a man dreaming of jumping off a cliff before turning to leave.


Linocut Print in oil-based ink… 12 more words


To Greet The Man, You've Got To Meet The Man

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Happy Thanksgiving From Your Pals at SoSF!!!

Dashiell Hammett makes his first actual appearance today and it’s everything you imagined it’d be, even minus the band turkeys. 204 more words

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