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Sightseeing in Busan -- Temple on a Cliff

I know my blog has kind of transformed into a travel blog recently, which isn’t really my intention, but don’t worry, there will be language updates coming soon.   261 more words


Cycling Vietnam Feb 2008 Volume 6

This is a peanut plant, planted alot in Vietnam. After pollonated, the flowers go inside the soil and we have nuts later. So what should we call these, pea-nut or pea-fruit? 25 more words

Cultural Features

Cool Species of the Week: Barnacle Goose

Imagine this, a 400 foot shear rock-face, you have no guaranteed safety net, and you know very little about the new world you are in. Now jump off. 464 more words

Species Of The Week

Kids still have adventures

While a lot of mollycoddling of children happens these days some kids are still allowed to have adventures.

Two boys from Cromwell got into a spot bother on a cliff face but were rescued and will have learnt from the experience. 457 more words


WATCH: Guy Waterslides Straight Off A Cliff | He's Okay Though...

Gizmodo is saying this occurred outside Austin, TX on private property. The video was shot and shows a man go up and over the lip of this waterslide. 61 more words


VIDEO: Man Slides Off A Water Slide And Down A Cliff

This is pretty much my nightmare when it comes to going down a water slide!

A Texas man was taking a water slide when he took a curve a little too fast and went up and over the side! 117 more words