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Explaining your Netflix addiction!

OK… I admit it… I am a Netflix addict.

And I am not alone. You’ve probably faced the same situation as me when, after watching one too many episodes of your current addiction, Netflix politely asks you if you are still watching. 445 more words

The Bachelor: Week 5

I’m just SO PISSED about this week. Truly livid. My Bachelor Fantasy League bracket is in shambles. Thanks, Ben. We headed to Mexico this week and shit. 3,188 more words

The First Day (Monday 16 January 2012)

THIS IS IT… here we go, have decided to blog, not sure what about, but maybe just about things that interest me and maybe interest some people out there. 223 more words


Dictionary Challenge #3 - Tokyo Transfer Part 2 / 3

“We sur-” Father was interrupted. A man with a pistol stood in front of the Isomes and other passengers.

“Now I don’t want any messing here, give me all of your luggage, NOW!!!” The man with a pistol was a thief. 91 more words


Dictionary Challenge #2 - Tokyo Transfer Part 1 / 3

It was an exciting day for the Isome family. They were going to Tokyo, Japan not for a holiday, but for life! The main character of our story, Joe Isome had a… 100 more words


But wait, it's worse!

Worst day ever. After a few days in a row of saying that, you wonder if you can really fall to the bottom of the barrel or if it is just a false bottom that will keep plummeting down like a broken elevator. 860 more words


And we're back!

So my break was a bit longer than I had intended. That’s alright though, I most definitely needed it. So we’re going to start back with one of my current favorite authors, Rob Thurman. 456 more words