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The Adventures of Lyla & Sgt. Alfie Ep. 1

The corridor is enveloped in a coat of darkness; the only source of light is that from the door at the end of the old Victorian hallway. 253 more words


Review For: Like A Boss (Like A Boss #1) by Logan Chance

Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotic, Suspense Published:  July 12, 2016 Read:  February 17, 2017 My Rating: 647 more words

Mystery Thriller Week Book Review: The Merlon Murders by Victoria Benchley

Set in Scotland, ‘The Merlon Murders’ is an intriguing mystery revolving around the death of a prominent local identity.  Duncan Dewar sets out to investigate the death and finds himself in a complex web of local social relationships, loyalties and interpersonal history.  151 more words


Doctor Who: The Mind Robber (part one)

This morning, we watched the TARDIS leave our universe for an opaque white void, for a really budget-conscious episode. From a production standpoint, it’s really fun. 305 more words

Doctor Who

Review For: Quake: Quake series #1) by Jacob Chance

Genres:  Romance, Romantic Suspense, Erotica, Adult Published:  June 16, 2016 Read:  February 9, 2017 My Rating:  4 Not a standalone; ends in a cliffhanger! Series: 623 more words

Shyamalan’s Split—A Cinematic Masterpiece of Thrill and Horror!

As a diehard fan of the horror/thriller genre, I was very excited at the prospect of watching M. Night Shyamalan’s Split on the big screen. The trailer looked promising, and I can confidently say the movie fully lived up to its potential. 252 more words


Story Time - The Long and the Short of It

Disclaimer: About a decade of having Crohn’s Disease has given me an issue of “terminal oversharing” when it comes to my insides (or the contents therein). 969 more words