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5:34 p.m.

“Just give me ten more minutes, Enid! It isn’t every day that we get to see this.” I don’t get why she wants to leave so badly; we’re practically in heaven. 753 more words


“Why er you screaming? What ‘appened to it?” Legolas said looking closely at the blanket.

Baby quietly tipped toed into the room behind Legolas’ back in the middle of the ruckus. 988 more words

A GRAVE ISSUE By Lillian Bell

The first book in a new series and new author for me. I felt the characters and descriptions were easy to read and personalities were good. 161 more words

More Than Friends 1-2

My Thoughts: I give it ♥♥  I really wanted to like it better than I did. The first two books in this series is about Zach and Ryan. 160 more words



2-9-17 12:50pm 24*/12* @FCJFS

Waiting no to get my health insurance reinstated. Hate writing on my lap. More later.

2:50pm 22*/11* @home

There went an hour and a half on my life I’ll never get back with no immediate resolution. 239 more words

Dual Covers Reveal!!! My Way Back to You and Then There was You by @ClariCon



Love and the right timing were two things I didn’t believe in.
Love is about walking to the edge of the cliff and taking the leap together. 148 more words