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Batman 2.38 - The Joker's Hard Times

Cesar Romero always looked like he was having the time of his life as the Joker. As part two of this story goes on and the Joker’s crimes get ever more ridiculous, it just looks like he’s having so much fun. 387 more words


Batman 2.37 - The Zodiac Crimes

I wish that I could say that Daniel’s mind was blown when the Penguin shows up about a quarter of the way into what seemed initially like the Joker’s episode. 486 more words


Book Review - Emerald Green

Emerald Green by Lindsay Marie Miller

Addie Smith dreamt of a mysterious, handsome boy and then suddenly, he showed up at her school. She immediately feels drawn to Tom Sutton, but he is part of a dark past that is threatening to come to light. 135 more words


On the coast, by Cliffhanger

An ashen mist hovers above the dirty cappuccino sea,
And furious ripples rinse in spume the narrow shoreline.
A frigid breeze permeates my fabrics, and all I can see… 47 more words


Nano Poblano # 10 - Cliffhanger

A six word cliffhanger goes like

Author’s Note: I got inspired to do this post by this wonderful person. Go check out her six word stories. They’re great.

Nano Poblano Shenanigans

Jurassic world (my version)

CHAPTER 1 : Spinosaurus Rex hatches

Bright light from an egg shimmered on a table within Dr Wu’s laboratory. A baby dinosaur wriggled its way out of the egg shell straight towards Claire Dearing.”This hybrids incredible” Dr Wu reminded Claire. 449 more words