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Cliffhangers in the Age of Netflix

Three posts in a day, I must be on something. I think it’s insomnia and compensatory coffee, but I’m not sure. Sorry for this, I’m ranting again. 1,047 more words


PAST Streaming New Album "Cliffhanger"

French post-hardcore/screamo outfit Past have premiered their new full-length, Cliffhanger, at Idioteq. The album is officially out today via Voice of the Unheard Records and can be purchased  36 more words

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Race Build Up: Preparing to slay Spartan

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So after I first discovered that Spartan Race was not actually a European only event I wanted to enter one so bad. Unfortunately, I was a week late in finding out about it for the one in my hometown and wasn’t in a position to have the free time to travel to one due to family and rugby commitments. 777 more words

Spartan Race

Cooper and Snow: Twin Cliffhangers, 26 Years Apart

Game of Thrones is far from the first show to have a cross-season cliffhanger. Way on back in the antediluvian age (1980), Dallas pushed the envelope for cross-season cliffhanger marketing with the “Who shot J.R?” craze. 1,084 more words


Beginning of the Year (as Well as My Blog)

The summer days were over, and the clammy summer skies were swiftly changing into clear fall ones. School was approaching, and like a rancid smell, it made my eyes water, and a thundercloud grew within me. 118 more words


The Un:Fairer Sex: The Final Episode

We’ve come a long way, baby…

The concluding part of this PorterGirl series is almost upon us!

Head Porter might have got the girl but there is no fairy tale ending this time around for the boys and girls of Old College. 24 more words