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The Day Clifford Died

Hello everyone! 

Today has been another rough day… I thought that I was at the end of it but its been going on for three whole days now. 606 more words

Can't Sleep Clifford T_T

Hello Everybody!

I’m back again right now because, sadly, I can’t sleep. I took some melatonin about twenty minutes ago and it should start working in 10 minutes and then I will be off to slumberland :D… 471 more words

Bad Luck for Clifford

I had gone a long time without having a real “bad luck” day but it seems like I finally got hit today. It is weird that on a day like this, a person really can’t do anything without having to do five hundred more steps in order to achieve it. 278 more words

Clifford's Hard Day

Hello everyone! It’s me Clifford again! :D

I had a pretty hard day today but I am feeling a lot better now that I’m home. However, I can’t think of anything fun to do. 410 more words

Clifford in the Sewer

When I go down into the sewers, I feel a little bit safe, despite the fact that I could be killed by methane fumes or floods of water that trap me down there. 775 more words

Hello World!

My name is Clifford and I am a buffer. A buffer is a person or thing that provides padding between two or more other objects. And that is me. 313 more words