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Sorry, Mom

This is the post in which I will probably make my mom very sad. Disclaimer: even though from the outside some of the decisions we made were a little silly, we wouldn’t have made any of them if we really thought it was unsafe. 2,037 more words

What Moher could I ask for?

Fun fact: I like puns (hence the title of this post). Besides that, though, I recently had the opportunity to visit Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. 57 more words

Back from Emerald Isle

We just returned from a week in Ireland, hence the silence here on the blog.  It was a magical trip, in a lot of ways, so while I’m still processing the events and organizing the photos, here are a few snaps of this incredible country: 79 more words


Hunting leprechauns in Ireland

With the celebration of St. Patties  almost 2 week ago I realised I didn’t get to share anyhting about my trip to Ireland in May of last year. 446 more words


Ireland(s) or the umpteenth castle/ Irlanda(s) o el enésimo castillo

Why did I come here? Oh yes, I was on a ginger hunting,-though later on I found out I would have had more chances in Scotland, as there are more redheads-. 2,742 more words