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Galway Girl

Another day, another airport, another metal detector buzzing.

Yep. I set off the metal detector for the second time in my trip and I was patted-down…again. 531 more words

Last week in Ireland

I’m flying home next Sunday. That’s a bit sad. There’s some classmates I’m going to miss and will have to keep in touch with. We went out to Co. 191 more words

the emerald isle

For your viewing pleasure: here are the pictures of mom and I’s trip to Ireland. What an AMAZING place. It is absolutely beautiful and we found the people to be so friendly and welcoming (and adamant about their love for Americans….what’s not to love?) 270 more words

Loquacious? Look It Up.

Cliffs of Moher: A Look at My Favorite Place in the World

I didn’t post anything nature-related on Wednesday in honor of Earth Day, but I still wanted to write¬†something about good ol’ Mama Earth. Because… 680 more words


Ireland is Great Craic!

I had been planning a trip to Ireland with my two friends who are studying in The Netherlands since August. So when my new friends in Lyon said they wanted to go I was ecstatic! 1,742 more words

The Home of the Irish

I’m currently blogging from the wonderful land of Ireland, one of my friends and I are traveling for two weeks and this is our first stop. 193 more words

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