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Hanging Out at (onto?) the Cliffs of Moher

More to come on Ireland soon, but for now, just hanging out at the Cliffs of Moher. Hoping I’ll never be too old or serious to take silly travel photos.

Cliffs Of Moher

The Luck of [a Canadian Girl Among] the Irish

I got to Galway with high hopes and a nagging conscience warning me that the greater my expectations the less a city tends to impress me. 853 more words

Out Of Town

Travel Writing: Ireland

There have been a few times when I felt like I was walking on another planet, and Ireland was one of those times. Maybe it was because I was on a tour bus, whizzing through glens and around mountains; a toy bus packed with students with hungry eyes and eager feet. 458 more words

University Of Glasgow

Misty, Sunny, Delightful Ireland

May 7-9, 2015

It took six years but I finally made it to the coasts of Ireland.

When I studied abroad in Switzerland, and crossed the Atlantic for the first time ever, in 2009, the first trip I wanted to take was to Dublin. 933 more words

Travel Makes One Modest, You See What A Tiny Place You Occupy In The World. -Gustave Flaubert

Cliffs of Moher & A Rant About Street Harassment

Doolin/Clare – Day 02 – June 29th 

Obligatory Cliffs of Moher post. If you’re even halfway impressed by photos of these big guys, you’re likely still underwhelmed. 648 more words


Cliffs of Moher just One Moher Time

We woke up extra early on Saturday to catch our bus to the Cliffs of Moher (I’ve already been and written about them before, but I promise this post has some new stuff) by 6:45am, and we ended up being some of the last people on the bus, so we had to split up and sit with random people. 1,130 more words

Georgia Tech

Real Ireland & Coming to Terms with Being an Asshole

Doolin – Day 01 – June 28th 

I’m going to jump forward a little bit because I’m only really develop my photos from Dublin tonight as we head back from Doolin! 543 more words