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Russia Strikes it Rich

Poor lefties try as they might, their excuses for US citizens to sublimate their lifestyle and Independence for the sake of hoaxes made up from whole cloth keeps running afoul of the truth and they wear themselves out trying to keep up playing Whack-a-Mole as actual inconvenient (to them) truths become obvious. 158 more words


Why You Should be a Skeptic

Consensus is nonsense in science. Proof is the only value and when I studied the scientific method the scientist had to release his/her data and methods (something Michael “the dog ate my homework” Mann resisted doing because of anticipated nit-picking) to be repeated and verified by others in order to be proven. 83 more words


The Climate Fraud Con Job

“The climate is changing, but it’s not changing the way the climate change crowd predicted it would. Nature has made a mockery of global warming, so who are the real climate deniers?” 35 more words

Education Reform

Fallacies about Global Warming

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove hosts Lord Christopher Monckton at California State University- Bakersfield. Lord Monckton shares why the Fallacies of Global Warming Theory are going to cost you so much. 12 more words


Climate Change: The Green Scare

Princeton physicist William Happer argues that computer models vastly exaggerate the effects of carbon dioxide on climate and that CO2 may in fact be beneficial. 37 more words

Arguing With Idiots

Lord Monckton at Union College

As they filed in, Lord Monckton was chatting contentedly to a quaveringly bossy woman with messy blonde hair who was head of the college environmental faction.

143 more words

Climategate 2.0 "The Cause" movie trailer

The editor took the movie trailer from the new movie “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and changed the soundtrack and added some of the quotes from the latest round of emails.