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Demand Baker Use Demand Response

Monday Action for the Week of 8/22/16: Tell the Governor you will use less energy when demand is high and that you oppose any new natural gas infrastructure. 492 more words

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Latin America and the Caribbean: seizing a trillion dollar opportunity in climate investments

Article published on http://www.worldbank.org on July 13, 2016.

Soon the world will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the historic climate agreement signed in Paris in December 2015. 986 more words

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Neoliberalism Poisoned Climate Action And Renewables Are The Antidote - New Matilda

The dominance of ‘econobabble’ and market approaches have hurt climate action. That’s why renewable energy is vital to the future of the climate and the economy, write Dan Cass and Andrew Bray. 39 more words


For this black church, supporting climate action is a no-brainer

Earlier this month, the African Methodist Episcopal Church, or AME — one of the oldest black churches, with 2.5 million members around the world — made history. 159 more words

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An elemental dream of Unity

Dear People of Earth,

I had a dream, a simple, but far reaching dream. That our Air and our Water were being polluted by Fire and Earth, and scientists who study Air Water, Fire and Earth, said it was dangerous not to change, not to upgrade to make better. 142 more words