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Iceland’s new government puts environmental issues and global warming at the forefront

A new government was formed in Iceland on the 30th of November after an election in October. The Left Green movement, the independence Party and the Progressive Party joined forces and formed a government. 473 more words

The Global Hydropower Sector

Hydropower, the currently most important source of renewable energy worldwide, was first commercialized for the production of electricity in the Niagara Falls in 1879, although human beings had been utilizing more primitive versions of hydropower for centuries. 672 more words

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What Do You Know About Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy is being classified as a renewable energy source which is regarded as an option to replace fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, and oil. 432 more words

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Where Does Your Energy Come From?

Where does your energy come from? Whether we are private household consumers, small business owners, members of communities/municipalities, employees of a global enterprise, it is our right and even obligation to know where energy comes from. 800 more words

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Can Circular Economies Save Our Planet?

Our world is drowning in GARBAGE. Or, to express it with more elegance: our planet is overburdened with the consumption of human beings. With garbage, litter, waste, pollution, toxins, and chemicals. 754 more words

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Good For Climate : Sebuah Kampanye untuk Mempebaiki Kerusakan Alam

           Tahun terus berganti dan tanpa kita sadari Bumi semakin menua .Kalau di ingat ingat beberapa tahun kebelakang ini banyak sekali bencana alam yang terjadi .Sepanjang tahun 2017 ini saja banyak sekali bertebaran berita bencana alam diberbagai belahan dunia .Tidak perlu jauh – jauh sebenarnya di Indonesia sendiri sedang di landa Bencana .Mulai dari Longsor di Pacitan ,Jawa Timur ,Hujan dan angin kencang yang menghantui warga Jambi ,juga Bencana tahunan banjir yang melanda diberbagai penjuru negeri . 1,618 more words


Wastewater As a Source of Global Methane Emissions

Wastewater, on a global level, accounts for nine per cent of all anthropogenic methane emissions. Not only is wastewater emitting large amounts of methane, but does contain many kinds of contaminants, bacteria and chemicals such as phosphorus and nitrogen nutrients, harmful for both our environment and for human beings. 906 more words

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