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Volare, no no

Se il movimento più conosciuto dell’attivismo anglosassone è quello di Transizione, che nel suo immaginario di giardinaggio, marmellate autoprodotte e torte di mele condivise coi vicini è decisamente british, un altro aspetto molto interessante ma meno conosciuto dell’ambientalismo d’Albione è l’attenzione per le conseguenze ambientali del volare. 633 more words



by Indra Francesco – Earth First!

Walking into the field of my first Earth First! gathering was like coming home. At last, here were people passionate about the planet not only with a plan for how to stop its destruction but also for how to put into practice the world we want to live in. 1,032 more words


TWAC CASCADIA First Week of September!



TWAC CASCADIA is happening September 1-8 in the woods somewhere between Portland and Olympia (directions and more specifics will come as we get closer to the camp..stay tuned!) 535 more words

Safety overrode right to free speech and assembly, senior police officer tells Caroline Lucas trial

25th March 2014
Caroline Lucas trial: Day two – morning evidence

The officer in charge of tactics at the policing operation for last year’s anti-fracking protests at Balcombe said this morning her main concern was keeping people safe. 682 more words


Polar Bear Facepalm: ("analysis" of) Climate Camp #epicfail

Speechless, really.

“I acknowledge the significance of post-Hardin literature on the commons whole-heartedly, but place myself in opposition to such literalizing interpretations of CfCA’s anti-authoritarian ecology, discerning in fears about the commons a certain 21st-century Hobbesianism that the mere experience of self-organized management of common-pool resources too easily dispels.”

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Polar Bear Facepalm

2006 Drax Climate Camp

August 2006 saw the first Climate Camp set up. It targeted the Drax coal-fired power station at Selby in Yorkshire, to highlight the energy industry’s dependency on fossil fuel to create electricity. 35 more words


"Dynamism and creativity" of the climate movement? "Flourish?!?" Evidence please...

Maybe I am stuck in some parallel universe, because this below does not represent any facts that I saw in the last three (and that’s being generous) years. 40 more words