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Climate Catastrophe Is a Choice - By Michael E. Mann April 21, 2017

Downplaying the Risk Is the Real Danger

Oren Cass argues that the worrying predictions of mainstream climate science are overblown (“The Problem With Climate Catastrophizing… 325 more words

Point Of Interest


During the senate confirmation hearings, the Democrat senators seemed more focused on climate change than the real issues the cabinet picks will face.  Some of the questions asked are rather meaningless on their face.  908 more words

Climate Catastrophe will hit Tropics around 2020, rest of World around 2047

Study soon be published in the scientific journal Nature…explains reason is that countries near the equator have far less variability in their weather than do the moderate-climate countries, and so the species that constitute the ecosystems there cannot tolerate temperatures outside their narrow range, which has existed within that narrow range for thousands of years. 67 more words