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Glaciers Melting in Glacier National Park | GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GarryRogers.com shares a pictorial report from Climate Central. You can see for yourself, Glacier National Park will soon be glacier-less

“Scientists have used repeated photographs to study glaciers for more than a century (Rogers et al.

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Climate Change

February has been so hot in the US, April flowers are starting to bloom

California’s biblical deluge has occupied many a meteorologists’ mind this February. But another notable story is unfolding across the eastern US.

Unseasonable warmth has kickstarted spring up to a month early in the southeastern US, cut into already paltry Great Lakes ice cover and created skiing conditions more reminiscent of April in the Northeast. 977 more words

Living in Trump World

The cover story for this week’s U.S. 1 Newspaper offers four suggestions for “Living in Trump World.”

Cybersecurity aka soon-to-be-Princeton-resident-again Ed Felten 

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Richard K. Rein

Summer Temperatures to Rise Drastically by 2100

Monday, November 28, 2016 (Issue #3)
by Ryan V. Stewart, Staff Writer/Website Editor

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NOTICE: Corrections to this article have been made, namely: (1) The years of temperature predictions for various areas have been clarified, (2) the fact that Scott Pruit has been chosen to head the EPA under Trump,  614 more words


Climate Change to Increase Number of High Wildfire Risk Days by Nearly 50 Percent Across the West

New report details 45 years of wildfire trends in 11 Western states, predicts a fiery future.

2015 was the worst year on record for wildfires in the United States, … 496 more words


Michael Mann on Paleoclimates  Learning from the Climate Changes...

Michael Mann on Paleoclimates 

Learning from the Climate Changes in Past Centuries, featuring Michael Mann, Director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center.

By: …

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