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Il 30 novembre inizierà a Parigi la XXI Conferenza dell’ONU sul clima, a cui prenderanno parte le delegazioni di 190 governi. Da qui dovrà uscire l’accordo che dal 2020 sostituirà il protocollo di Kyoto. 318 more words


EU power plants are hungry for U.S. forests

Climate Central, an American watchdog, is drawing attention to one of Europe’s most deceptive illusions on climate change. One which arises from a rather convenient legal loophole that treats energy generated from burning wood as ‘carbon neutral’. 324 more words


Heidi Central’s Funding

By Paul Homewood 



I wondered where Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central got its funding from earlier. Remember that according to Wiki, Climate Central is a nonprofit news organization that analyzes and reports on climate science. 86 more words

Climate Change

In a New Model, Choices Predict the US's Future

Citing the warming climate and its relationship with sea level, a new study this week suggests that rising sea levels could impact roughly 20 million Americans by 2100 if climate change continues unabated. 649 more words


Study: Surging Sea Levels Will Inundate Bay Area, Sacramento, Stockton If Carbon Emissions Go Unchecked

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — If carbon emissions continue to increase unabated, large, populated areas of Northern California and the U.S. will be inundated from rising sea levels over the course of this century according a new report. 527 more words


The US cities that will stay above sea level after global warming—and the ones that will disappear

We’ve all heard doomsday predictions about what global warming means for coastal US cities. And now a new, interactive map from nonprofit climate science publication Climate Central illustrates precisely how American cities will fare under the best and worst possible climate futures—and which ones will disappear completely. 314 more words

Your Apartment Under Water: Climate Center Map Shows Rising Sea Levels in NYC

At a time when New Yorkers are as dismissive of the words “climate change” as they are of a friend announcing the words “I’m a vegan,” a… 401 more words