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Why would anyone believe the Earth is flat?

Peter Ellerton, The University of Queensland

Belief in a flat Earth seems a bit like the attempt to eradicate polio – just when you think it’s gone, a pocket of resistance appears. 1,119 more words


New York 'Law' Makes It a Crime to Speak the Truth

If some new regulation required you to acknowledge some nut as Napoleon because he insists he is Napoleon, you’d probably consider it unjust, not to mention stupid. 246 more words


Christmas shenanigans

Remember the ice storm that rendered half of Toronto powerless aroud christmas time a few years ago?
Whay about last year? We were unable to step away from the outdoor heated areas in the christmas market at the Distillery District . 94 more words


Shuld I Change My Majer?

Ha, ha, that big dop is out Chrismis shoppin so now i got his blog.

Hay, Im thinkin of changing my majer becose Gender Studies its so hard, i been at it 5 yeares now and stil tryin to get my Batchler’s Degre. 256 more words

Just For Fun

It’s Still Not Enough: Comments on the Paris Climate Accord

The long-awaited Paris Climate Conference just ended and is widely reported to be the most successful and ambitious international climate agreement ever. The most important and cited number from the agreement is the goal of limiting the warming of the planet to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. 1,518 more words


Thirteen Word Story: Skyless


Digging deeper, fleeing a greenhouse sky, in time humanity forgot sky, sun, stars.

Science Fiction