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The Supreme Court’s Ruling On Mercury Pollution

In a 5-4 ruling Monday, the Supreme Court found fault with the EPA’s regulation of toxic heavy metal pollution from coal and oil-fired plants, claiming that the agency failed to prove the regulations “appropriate and necessary” because they did not initially take costs into consideration. 715 more words

For The Greater Good Decisions

The Bus to Re-Education Camp

After viewing post after post in rainbow hews on FaceBook, I knew this call would come. It came, and I was instructed to go to the nearest re-education camp bus depot. 152 more words

Pres. Barack Obama


by Gunnar Eigener

In our post-election society, the environment is no longer top of the agenda. Austerity, budget cuts, economic instability, and the public’s reactions to these things and others, flood the headlines and social media day after day. 1,019 more words


International Manhunt: Reddy Kilowatt

For more than half a century he was the world-wide ambassador for consumer electricity.

Now he’s a man on the run.

Police in 77 countries are after Reddy Kilowatt, 89, who mysteriously escaped recently from a secret Interpol prison in the Alps. 209 more words

Just For Fun

Christopher Booker's Climate Myths, 'N' + 1

In order to grow plants need sunlight, water, suitable temperatures, nutrients and CO2 from the atmosphere. These are all essential factors but in any given circumstance one or other of them may be in limited supply. 413 more words

Climate Change Denial

Jacob Rees-Mogg's Climate Myths, No 3.

Climate science has been developing computer based models since the 1970s. The models are based on physical principles and have been incrementally improving as computer power, observation systems and our understanding of the Earth system have developed. 442 more words

Climate Change Denial

Dark Money Funding Climate Change Denial

The network of corporate-funded right wing think tanks in America is massive. The money that flows to these organizations is even more massive than the networks themselves, and it flows in almost total secrecy thanks to… 602 more words

Pragmatic Politics Versus Moral Principle