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Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust

(Thanks to “Unknowable” for the news tip)

James Hansen, a former director of NASA–a former space agency until Obama got his hands on it: now they just blather–is on record calling for jail terms for those who don’t believe in Global Warming/Climbit Change. 122 more words

Global Warming Hoax

Pacific bird loss ...

You can read the same for anything, Pacific salmon, Atlantic salmon, phytoplankton, diatoms, complete food chains …  its all going. My passion for years was diatoms and algae these being the step below the larger and visible phytoplankton that all convert CO2 and (did)  help form weather systems. 237 more words

Climate Change

Climate change will have its Scopes Monkey Trial this week

In 1925, a Tennessee substitute teacher was indicted by a grand jury for teaching evolution to his high school class. That case, the Scopes trial, became famous for pitting science against the Bible, and it helped pave the way for educational reform. 1,216 more words


Sage advice ....

Noam Chomski  ‘is the man’ as we say … he can do something called ‘thinking’. I’m very glad he allows his views to be propogated, the world is better for his presence. 259 more words

Climate Change

Getting Away With Murder -- Arnold Schwarzenegger Sues Big Oil for Killing People

Earlier this week, in his typically bombastic and bold style, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he’ll be suing the oil giants. The reason? According to Arnold… 696 more words

Climate Change