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Breaking the ice in the Arctic

The polar ice cap is melting and the Arctic Ocean is fast becoming navigable and every country with access to the Arctic Ocean is rushing to take advantage of all that navigable water except us. 378 more words

Think Pieces

Pink Elephants & Snowballs

While it may make sense logically that members of Congress would hold out on forming an opinion while waiting for evidence, it makes absolutely no sense that they would then work fervently to eliminate any means of getting that evidence — unless of course they have no interest in the truth or evidence. 217 more words

Climate Change Denial

Fictional Characters as Real People

We haven’t been talking much about fantasy-writing on this fantasy-writing blog. Oh, we discuss plenty of out-and-out fantasy–like the campus rape culture, Global Warming, microaggression, income equality achieved by the brute force of government: stuff that has no basis in reality whatsoever. 336 more words

A Personal Note

Can Evangelical Christianity Be Saved from Itself? An Interview with Rachel Held Evans

Source: Valerie Talerico

Emphasis Mine

Rachel Held Evans has been called “the most polarizing woman in Evangelicalism.” She is a New York Times bestselling author of three books and a popular… 3,171 more words


Happy Birthday to Me

Today I have become an official and bona fide Old Man–no more pretense of youth. Somehow in today’s mangling of the English language, the word “older” has come to mean “less old than old.” So maybe for a few years I could get away with being “older.” 306 more words

My Story is This

My Story is This: A Poem

I was given a project, a particular quest
To choose, discover, and define an interest,
To which my time I’d invest. 988 more words