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An Irony of Recent American History

When then President Ronald Reagan awarded the coveted Medal of Freedom to Buckminster Fuller in 1983, he had already slashed the budget for the EPA, dismantled support for renewable energy research, and enabled corporations to take leadership roles writing anti-science legislation to over turn “onerous” environmental laws. 218 more words


“‘Clexit’ (Climate Exit) has formed in an effort to similarly withdraw countries from the successful international climate treaty forged last year in Paris. … Clexit leaders are heavily involved in tobacco and fossil fuel-funded organizations, in what’s become known as ‘the web of denial.'” ( 25 more words

Clexit: The new heights of climate science denial

DeSmogBlog’s Graham Readfearn reports on a new group, with powerful allies, espousing climate change denial and calling for, among other things, an end to the UN Paris Agreement. 9 more words

Climate Change Denial

The right now wants a “Clexit,” because Brexit went so well

Inspired by Brexit, Britain’s regrettable decision to leave the European Union, Australian climate-change denier Viv Forbes and pals like Marc Morano have a new project: Clexit. 181 more words

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Way back when, Big Oil taught tobacco companies a few tricks

For a long time, we’ve thought that Big Oil used a playbook first developed by tobacco companies to hide the dangers of its product, but newly unearthed documents suggest the reverse: It was Big Oil that taught Big Tobacco. 155 more words

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