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Way back when, Big Oil taught tobacco companies a few tricks

For a long time, we’ve thought that Big Oil used a playbook first developed by tobacco companies to hide the dangers of its product, but newly unearthed documents suggest the reverse: It was Big Oil that taught Big Tobacco. 155 more words

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The Way The World Ends

What a striking and terrible thing this is: The Republican National Committee voting to declare that coal is a clean energy source, against all known science. 195 more words

More lies, hypocrisy, and deceit from the American Geophysical Union

Back in April I wrote about the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and their continued and persistent close association with the fossil fuel industry, and with ExxonMobil, in particular. 782 more words


California's Drought Solved!

The State of California uses about 42 million acre-feet of water (1 acre-foot = the volume of water of a one square mile container, 1 foot high) annually. 602 more words


The Ideologue Commitment

Climate is changing and we argue about the cause; one side provides scientific studies to establish that the man caused element of climate change is a hoax while the other side purchases science to report an existential threat to all of humanity. 391 more words

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Dem Platform Committee: Prosecute 'Climate Change Deniers'

If you’re even thinking about allowing another Democrat, ever again, to be president, please stop it at once.

A few days ago the Democrat platform drafting committee voted… 137 more words


Climate denier tries to expose scientists, fails miserably

A recent study from Indiana University found that Americans are more likely to follow advice from climate scientists who have worked to cut their own carbon footprints. 198 more words

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