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Models Further Support Climate Change, Yet are Being Widely Used, and Misunderstood, to Refute it

Predicting the exact path of future climate is almost impossible.

Yet it’s made even harder by a geologically sudden, major, ongoing energy dump onto an already complex and highly varied global system of energy and its expression.   562 more words

I Guess That's Not Such A Huge Surprise

A slew of major corporations are donating a total of 140 billion dollars to help fight the global warming issue. Oil companies have yet to show up. 159 more words

Seven remaining residents: The town of Centralia the real inspiration for Silent Hill....

The Centralia area has grown to be a tourist attraction. Visitors come to see the smoke on Centralia’s empty streets and the abandoned portion of… 537 more words

Pragmatic Politics Versus Moral Principle

India’s annual solar investments to surpass those in coal by 2020-Deutsche Bank report

 India, which has raised its solar power capacity target five-fold, could see annual investments in solar surpassing those in coal by 2019-20 with commitments worth about $35 billion from global companies already in hand, a… 364 more words

Social Justice

Texas’ drinking water shortage has gotten so bad, one city is turning to toilets

As three years of ongoing drought take their toll, Wichita Falls, Texas, is on the verge of becoming the first city in the country where half of the drinking water is recycled from wastewater — including the water flushed down toilets. 308 more words

Social Justice

Water - A View from the Goldman Sachs Bridge...

‘Water is a critical economic issue in the United States.  In the face of growing demand for water, coupled with extreme weather conditions, our nation’s water infrastructure system is failing.’ 301 more words

Pragmatic Politics Versus Moral Principle

Hillary Clinton's Biggest Campaign Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

WASHINGTON — Nearly all of the lobbyists bundling contributions for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign have at one time or another worked for the fossil fuel industry. 955 more words

Pragmatic Politics Versus Moral Principle