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Message to Presidential Debate Moderators: Failure to Ask Climate Questions = Climate Change Denial

115,000 — that’s about how many years back into Earth’s past we’d likely have to go to find one that was hotter than 2016 globally. 0 — that’s the number of Presidential debate questions that raised the issue of human-caused climate change during this critical election year. 829 more words

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Only Liberals Believe In Climate Change? Not So Fast!

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, too many people in this day and age associate the belief in climate change with political standing.  In other words, if you believe in climate change, you’re likely a liberal.   787 more words

Climate Change

So It's Got to be Clinton? Really?

I’m tired of writing about this election, and I really dislike having to write about politics on a Sunday. But the big debate is scheduled for tonight, and I have to get this said beforehand. 170 more words


The Perfect Storm II

The average person might think that a storm strong enough to take out 23 transmission towers and black out a state five times the size of the UK, would spark urgent discussion about climate change. 458 more words

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Telling reversal: a politician is finally ashamed of his climate change denial. (UPDATED!)

This article, originally posted September 27, 2016, was updated September 28. Go to the end for the update.

Much of America is talking today about last night’s (September 26, 2016) debate between the U.S. 928 more words


Trump shows us what happens to a climate denier in denial

If Donald Trump is trying to run away from his well-known position as a climate change denier, he’s doing a terrible job at it.

Less than 12 hours after a debate against Hillary Clinton in which he personally denied calling climate change a hoax, Trump’s campaign manager and running mate offered different versions of what the candidate supposedly believes: He thinks it exists but isn’t human-made, or he thinks it is human-made but doesn’t want to do anything about it. 1,111 more words

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