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Science! It Changes Therefor is Wrong!

I wanted to write a few other things before I touched back on this but after hearing a few things I simply need to vent. The environment is a very precious thing, and it seems that hard Republicans and big business has declared war on it, and they’re convincing people. 502 more words

Sun, surf and s-it in FLA-USA ...

It’s hard to spend a few days in Florida and not notice the seamy underbelly of the Sunshine State.

Of course, this means trash by the ton. 297 more words

Dear Senator Cruz: please leave Galileo out of it

One of the hallmarks of crackpottery is to invoke the shade of Galileo. The logic goes like this: “Galileo expressed a radical idea and was punished for it; I have a radical idea that other people don’t like; therefore, I’m like Galileo”. 812 more words


Neil deGrasse Tyson criticizes Florida governor

Republican Governor Rick Scott prohibited anyone from using the words “climate change” and “global warming” in official meetings and documents of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 84 more words

Climate Change

The Guardian's Keep it in the Ground Campaign, and the Changing Face of the Climate Movement

Join the Guardian News and 139,000 others in signing this petition to keep fossil fuels below ground:


Read up on the Climate Movement’s progress so far and how it’s changing: 7 more words

Climate Change