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Earth Isn’t Doomed Yet. The Climate Could Survive Trump Policies. - The New York Times

If the president-elect keeps nuclear plants going and maintains momentum for wind, solar, and shale energy, the United States could outdo its Paris pledges.

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climate/science deniers excommunicated Galileo

Reading that facts don’t seem to matter to many humans, so they scoff at science I flashed to something I learned in grade school, about the long human certainty that the earth was flat versus those who belived it to be round. 319 more words

Trump spun his climate denial to the New York Times and lots of people fell for it

When I first saw New York Times reporters tweet the news that Donald Trump claimed in an interview to have an “open mind” about climate change and the Paris climate agreement, I thought, … 924 more words

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Repudiating the Arguments of Climate Change Deniers

I know, real snappy title for my first post, right?

In the U.S., a long campaign of misinformation has resulted in many Americans questioning climate change science. 296 more words

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