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Don't mention the climate deficit

At the Tory conference there was an awkward moment when Amber Rudd was required to speak of the Tories recent “achievements” in her field. Of course, she had very little that one could put a positive spin on, given that the Tory party has in the space of a few months… 805 more words

Climate Change

Global warming Gang Asks Obama to Prosecute Skeptics

So how does science get settled, these days? We are told that science is the absolute authority, the sole proprietor of Truth. But how is it decided what Truth is? 220 more words


Depressing News of the Week- Rupert Murdoch buys National Geographic

Yes, you heard that right- Climate Changer denier extraoridinaire and long the purveyor of Faux News (conservative propaganda) through countless media formats has purchased a 73% share of National Geographic- the oldest and most instantly recognizable science based magazine in the world. 105 more words

Syria: Still the proverbial canary

In September of 2013, I wrote a blog post in which I labeled Syria as the proverbial canary in the coal mine with respect to global warming. 1,482 more words

Climate Change

Usually Liberals are Right, but Sometimes…Not so Much

Climate change is real. The evidence is overwhelming and it’s hard to believe anyone still doubts it.

Yet some people do.

For reasons The Curmudgeon has never been able to understand, conservatives are very skeptical about climate change. 272 more words