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Forget the Paris Agreement. We need some new Nuremberg Trials.

People have often laughed when I’ve argued that climate change denial should long have been treated as an imprisonable offence. You may also disagree with me; in my defence I ask you to consider what the…(people? 628 more words


Climate Change Denial as Historical Consciousness

Today in the Open Society series of the Niskanen Center, I argue that climate change denial is a central form of historical consciousness under Trumpism. You can find the essay here.


Upside Down America: Trump's Shameful Opposition to Paris Puts U.S. Behind Syria

We all know someone who thinks this way. Put a stack of scientific evidence in front of them that reaches to the moon, and they will still disbelieve that human-caused climate change is real, harmful, and getting to be so bad that it’s increasingly capable of wrecking our lives. 860 more words

Climate Change

The Diversity Ice Cream Shop

In a nearby college town, social justice entrepreneurs have opened an ice cream parlor “that dramatically illerstrates what Diversity it is all about!” says co-founder Skybird Starchild. 103 more words

Narragansett Bay is Being Impacted by Climate Change; Scott Pruitt's EPA Says Scientists Can't Talk About it

Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier who was tapped to head the EPA by a similarly myopic Trump Administration now appears to be wielding the powers of that government agency to suppress the voices of climate scientists. 428 more words

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End Times

In a new paper published in June in the journal Science, a team of economists and public policy analysts, incorporating a wide range of climate-modeling data, quantified the economic damage that climate change could wreak on the United States in the years to come. 307 more words