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Deniers of Climate Change

Being an Environmental Science and Policy major, I often get questions like; “So do you think climate change is actually real?” or “Are they brainwashing you in your classes up in the mountains?” (These are actual inquiries I received from a crazy relative). 261 more words

Federal Court Rules On Climate Change In Favor Of Today's Children - Forbes

Judge Thomas Coffin of the United States Federal District Court in Eugene, Oregon, ruled on Friday in favor of twenty-one plaintiffs, ages 8 to 19, on behalf of future generations of Americans in a landmark constitutional climate change case brought against the Federal Government. 64 more words


More Pressure on Exxon over Climate Change Documents

Pressure on Exxon Mobile increased this week with the release of a new cache of decades-old industry documents about climate change. The documents suggest that the industry had the underlying knowledge of climate change even 60 years ago.  8 more words


Infamous Climate Denier Falls Apart After Bill Nye Makes Him A $20,000 Bet He Knows He’ll Lose (VIDEO)


Bill Nye was this close to participating in a debate on climate change with Sarah Palin, only to find out that he wasn’t invited to the panel… But in a recently aired teaser for an interview with Marc Morano, the organizer of the climate denial panel, it’s obvious to see why the group was terrified to let Nye on the stage with an intellectual lightweight like Sarah Palin – Nye mopped the floor with Morano’s tired arguments and didn’t even break a sweat. 670 more words

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April Read: Mary Pipher’s The Green Boat

By Olivia Dorothy

This month, the book club will be reading and discussing The Green Boat by Mary Pipher, an acclaimed clinical psychologist.  In The Green Boat, Pipher writes about the psychology behind environmental conflicts and the need to find hope in so much despair and loss.  384 more words

Exec Order Bans... Mr. Potato-Head

This classic children’s toy was first brandcd racist in Rhode Island in 2000 ( http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/chatterbox/2000/09/is_mr_potato_head_racist.html ).

Breaking News: Now, by Presidential Executive Order No. 33,478,609, the federal government will confiscate all Mr. 114 more words

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Climate Change and Reality

Imagine that the much-feared-atomic-bomb World War Three has broken out.  Imagine that bombs like the one that flattened Hiroshima are being exploded at over 4  per  second, 498 more words