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Conifer Confirms Climate Change

Tree find confirms Italian alpine melt


By Tim Radford for Climate News Network

Evidence from high in the Italian Alps confirms that they are… 549 more words

The End of the Holocene

“…a group of researchers from Harvard and Oregon State University has published the first global temperature reconstruction for the last 11,000 years – that’s the whole Holocene (Marcott et al. 289 more words


Recent Warming Is Still Unprecedented In Speed, Scale And Cause

“The main, stunning conclusion we can draw from the paper is that the rate of warming since 1900 is 50 times greater than the rate of cooling in the previous 5000 years



Ice sheets melting at poles faster than before

“Fueled by global warming, polar ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are now melting three times faster than they did in the 1990s, a new scientific study says.” 11 more words


Climate Change - Politics, Government and Consumerism [A]

It’s one of humanities tragic flaws, that disasters such as super-storm Sandy or past environmental catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina are the only means of illuminating difficult truths facing our world. 262 more words

American Culture

Why seas are rising ahead of predictions

“Sea levels are rising faster than expected from global warming, and University of Colorado geologist Bill Hay has a good idea why. The last official IPCC report in 2007 projected a global sea level rise between 0.2 and 0.5 meters by the year 2100. 106 more words


Thawing permafrost frees millions of tons of carbon: study

“…atmospheric warming and coastal erosion are gnawing at the icy seal, releasing about 40 million tonnes of carbon a year –10 times more than previously thought, said a study in the journal Nature.” 10 more words