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Ambassadors pushing Seattle Council to support Paris Agreement

The Seattle City Council Monday resolved to maintain and develop the environmental standards of the Paris Agreement. Before the vote on Monday, 12th of June 2017 two Plant for the Planet Climate Justice Ambassadors spoke in support of this resolution. 125 more words

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We will continue to take action! Climate Kids react to Paris

The Climate Justice Ambassadors at Plant for the Planet are taking action against Climate Change. With our Three Step Plan (Planting 1 trillion trees, Stopping Carbon Emissions, and fighting poverty with Climate Justice) we can bring the Climate back under control, but we need everyone to act now! 264 more words

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2 climate bills, important differences

Jamie Margolin Writer, activist, aspiring politician & Plant for the Planet Climate Justice Ambassador

“I’m 15-years-old and scared about what rising carbon levels mean for my generation. 27 more words

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The End Of The World Is Getting Closer, And The Doomsday Clock Has The Reasons Why

It’s been around since the dawn of the atom bomb. It’s been maintained by a group whose job it is to gauge the danger to the planet caused by the nuclear age, and is often considered a bellweather for many possible futures. 261 more words

Somewhat Daily News for December 22, 2016

Well, we’ve got our President Elect talking about upping our nuclear arsenal so that’s always a good way to start a day! There’s a nuclear winter joke in there somewhere but I haven’t thought of it yet. 545 more words