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Antarctica Hit Highest Temperature Ever This Week

By Ari Phillips, Think Progress 30 March 15

The coldest place on Earth just got warmer than has ever been recorded.

According to the weather blog… 520 more words

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The Earth Has Exceeded Four of the Nine Limits for Hospitable Life

Humanity has raced past four of the boundaries keeping it hospitable to life, and we’re inching close to the remaining five, an Earth resilience strategist has found. 290 more words

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The Plagues of Global Warming

By Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, 27 February 15
Source: Reader Supported News

The black rat—also known as the ship rat, the roof rat, and the house rat—is actually gray. 798 more words

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Survey: Morality of Climate Action More Popular than Science



Source: teleSUR

Climate action advocates might be better off framing their message as a moral, rather than scientific cause.

Although the science behind climate change remains unpopular in the United States, a new poll released Friday suggested the moral implications of reducing emissions is less contentious. 355 more words

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