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Scientist Roy Spencer Fact-Checks Al Gore

By Andrew Bolt ~

Climate scientist Roy Spencer is tackling Al Gore’s latest bull:

Al Gore has provided a target-rich environment of deceptions in his new movie.

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CNN Gets Heat For Warming Bias

By Andrew Bolt ~

Wow. a brilliant smackdown of a CNN host by a climate sceptic and scientist, John Coleman. Great stuff.

The partial transcript of Weather channel founder John Coleman and CNN’s Brian Stelter: 575 more words

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Scientists understood the climate 150 years ago better than the EPA head today | John Abraham

John Abraham: Scott Pruitt denies basic science that weve understood for over a century

The current head of the US Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt does not believe or understand long-known principles of climate science and basic physics. 1,076 more words


Climate change impacts are already hitting us, say Europeans

New polling study also shows support for financial penalties for nations that refuse to be part of Paris climate deal, as Donald Trump has threatened The citizens of four major European countries think the impacts of climate change such as severe floods and storms are already affecting them,

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We may be closer than we thought to dangerous climate thresholds | John Abraham

John Abraham: A new study identifies an extra 0.1C of human-caused warming

We dont want the Earth to warm more than 1.52C (2.7-3.6F) compared to the pre-industrial climate. 775 more words