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Yuval Harari: Please Recognize Your Own Unacknowledged Fictions

Yuval Harari’s writings explode many fictions on which modern civilization is based. However, his own unacknowledged fictions perpetuate dangerous myths. In this article, I urge Harari to recognize his own implicit stories, and by doing so, step up to his full potential role in helping shape humanity’s future. 2,134 more words


Even Giants Risk Extinction

In The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien’s Ents battled ferociously when Saruman and his orcs, acting like a vicious “planetary disease” sought to uproot and chop the ancient Fangorn Forest to extinction. 814 more words

Arctic Hockey

I’ve been studying how temperature has changed over the years in the Arctic. The longest record I’ve got is for land areas only, from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, which starts way back in 1750: 114 more words

Global Warming

These Tiny Island Nations Are Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

The ongoing negotiations on how to implement the Paris Agreement aren’t going well. The world’s largest economies and top greenhouse emitters remain mired in decades-old arguments about who is responsible for addressing climate change and its impacts. 935 more words

Frosty the snowman does not live here.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
For some parts of the world, rain is seasonal.
There was a time we are blanketed with snow.
Now in Vancouver, rain is part of life. 27 more words


That was awkward — at world’s biggest climate conference, U.S. promotes fossil fuels


More than a dozen protestors interrupted a U.S. pro-fossil fuel event on the sidelines of the U.N. climate change talks on Dec.10. in Poland. (Reuters) 1,361 more words