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Forty days after the Paris Climate Conference

“We are called to return to the root of our being where the sacred is born. Then, standing in both the inner and outer worlds, we will find our self to be part of the momentous synchronicity of life giving birth to itself.” 2,880 more words

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A 'Late Antique Little Ice Age' May Have Changed Human History

Historians have spent decades trying to figure out just what happened in the year 536. We know it wasn’t a good time for humanity; there’s documentation from across the human experience from the era discussing crop failures, famines, and other bad news. 257 more words


March 19, 8:30 PM

What will you be doing? Think outside yourself.

Going Global

Climate Change … courage and truth often combine, as in those opposed to warming alarmism

Some people have a love for truth. Sometimes defending the truth can cost you dearly.  How do we know the truth of anything? Evidence is the ultimate determinant of truth.

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Pentagon chooses science over Know-Nothing politics on climate change

Click to enlarge — Republican conference on climate change in 2100

A bit over a year after identifying climate change as a “significant challenge” for the US military, the US Department of Defense has given its top officials orders for handling the hazards posed by a warming world.

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Norwegian energy minister: We will drill until gas reserves run out

Norway will be on its last third of natural gas reserves by 2035, much of it in the Arctic, and almost all of it destined for the EU market, the country’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy told EurActiv in an interview. 106 more words


Another Coal Plant To Shut Down This Year

By Paul Homewood 




Tallbloke has news of the latest coal fired power plant to announce closure this year:



Another 1000MW needs to be found from somewhere else. 157 more words

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