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Christie Brinkley Introduces Her New Skincare Line on ET, Exclusive Video

Good Morning America, Christie Brinkley Still Sexy-at-60

Dropped in after seeing other reviews on Yelp. What a great place. Little diner in Eufala,OK. Downtown 2 minutes off I-40. 492 more words

Climate Change

Climate Change in the Trumpocene Age

❝ In the year since the Paris climate agreement was concluded, the world’s efforts to limit global warming to 2º Celsius above pre-industrial levels seemed to gain momentum.

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78. Science Forges Ahead of Citizens

Scientific knowledge and achievement is moving so fast that it is leaving the average citizen behind and a little confused.  Most ordinary people have a poor understanding of scientific principles.  321 more words


Political Change & Climate Change

2015 was the year that over 150 Heads of State and Government, like Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, attended the Paris Climate Summit where negotiations were held and a Climate Change Accord was signed by representatives of 185 nations. 776 more words


"I know words. I have the best words"

It’s been a good while since I last wrote anything, but just because I keep quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say.

First of all, Trump’s the next president of the US. 376 more words

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate (and Naomi Klein vs. Science)

This Changes Everything is a strange book. I agree with its central premise. Capitalism is a fundamentally flawed ideology, that, unchecked, has the capacity to cause untold social and ecological destruction. 5,020 more words


The Undoing of Obama’s Climate Legacy

During President Obama’s eight years in office, he made great strides to curb climate change and rein in carbon emissions within the United States and worldwide.  571 more words

Climate Change