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How far will North Dakota go? The illogical conclusion is too terrible to think about #StandingRock

Mark Trahant / Trahant Reports

A line of trucks and commercial vehicles on North Dakota’s Highway 6 Saturday was a speeding train. One vehicle after another. 862 more words


It’s the Ice, Stupid — Open Mind

Earlier this month the WUWT blog treated us to a bizarre post about how this year didn’t set a new record for lowest Arctic sea ice extent (it only came in 2nd-lowest), in spite of “two very strong storms.” Doubling down, they offer another post trumpeting “record Arctic sea ice growth in September.” Which makes […]

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Natural News And Common Thought

Vote for Conservation

Looming, rather ominously, is Election Day for the United States. Through various polls, the American public show huge support for conservation efforts:

90% of Americans support the Endangered Species Act… 160 more words


Hulene garbage dump, Mozambique

Hulene is Maputo’s only landfill. About 1 600 tonnes of garbage is dumped here daily, overflowing the walls of the dump and spreading into the surrounding residential area.This is also the workplace for the less fortunate, who are scavenging around broken glass, toxic flames and empty cans is search for food and materials that could be sold.  42 more words

Hay Feeder Rings

Something is wrong when the garden produces tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in Iowa the fourth week in October.

I’ll dice tomatoes for breakfast tacos later this week, Bangkok peppers are in the dehydrator, and cucumbers and jalapeno peppers in the icebox waiting to be used. 520 more words