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Europe Campaigner

Temporary Post

Home based anywhere in Europe Part-time, 3-4 days a week (negotiable)

Start Date: November 1, 2016 (flexible). This job is open until filled, or the hiring manager determines that they can no longer accept applications… 372 more words

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Renewable Energy as a Solution to the Climate Crisis

Our sea level is rising, our mighty Himalayas and ice caps are melting, glaciers are retreating, water level is reducing, biodiversity is being lost, we are facing erratic rainfall, drought is some places and flood in other, there are food insecurity and political instability, we are facing problems of coral bleaching and salinization, every year people lose lives and property because of weather extremes, and our livelihoods are changing. 616 more words

Yoga for Climate Action: Santosha

I can decide what I give
But it’s not up to me what I get given
Unthinkable surprises about to happen
But what they are…

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Climate Crisis

Fossil Fuel Industries Should be Made Accountable for their Damage

Climate change is increasing the instances of extreme events and disasters, which is causing millions of lives and millions of dollars every year. Add to it the amount required for adaptation of the vulnerable communities. 819 more words

Fossil Fuel Industries in Climate Negotiations

The anthropogenic cause of climate change is the carbon and other greenhouse gases. These are emitted by the fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industries profit from the fuel. 643 more words

Work as ecologically destructive activity

When people ask ‘what do you do for work?’ what do they mean? Then mean ‘how do you participate in the economic system?’ (To earn your living, obtain housing, food, clothing, medicine, etc.) 368 more words

Black Lives Matter UK takeover airport runway

#BlackLivesMatter has to be one of the most powerful online movements since… well probably ever.

A simple hashtag set up four years ago in response to the murder of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin; it is now loaded with all the complexities of race relations (particularly between law enforcement and civilians) in America and by default, worldwide. 607 more words

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