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2037 - Looking back at the Earth we once knew

Try to imagine yourself twenty years from now. Don’t look at the grey hair and wrinkles, but look at the world outside, that world you once knew to be suffering from the effects of global warming, that world that believed all the scientific evidence that the Earth’s limitations were being tested, that world that postponed the most important decisions ever to be made by the human species, decisions that would have, perhaps, stopped the global nightmare that is now obviously coming true. 297 more words

Climate Crisis

Accommodating Electric Vehicles in the City

Many of us sense that the path to a livable planet, to bringing the climate back into balance, hinges on the mantra: Electrify Everything and… 514 more words

Climate Crisis

On Climate: at Not My President’s Day rally

Yesterday, there was yet another rally in Philadelphia: Counter the Executive Orders – Not My President’s Day Rally, hosted by Michael Huff , Leslie Medley, Daniel L. 1,306 more words

Climate Crisis

Quakers out of Sync with our Environment

Friends, I continue to be deeply concerned about the inconsistency between our testimonies of justice and care for each other and the Earth, and Friends’ continued participation in our fossil fuel centric society. 568 more words

Sundance Film Festival - An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton have three things in common.  They both ran for POTUS.  They both won the popular vote.  They both had issues surrounding voter hacking.   471 more words

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the #PAClimateCaucus

Earlier this week, while many of us were protesting other events, several PA legislators formed a climate caucus for our work ahead.

Led by State Rep Steve… 144 more words

Climate Crisis