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How Anti-Capitalists Can Seize the Moment as Trump Enters the White House

by Alex Knight, 1/6/17

Republished on Countercurrents.

In 2000, I was 17 years old. I didn’t know the first thing about politics, history, or social change. 4,923 more words


Civics 101 in the Age of Climate Denial

Since November 8, environmentalists around the country have been in a whirlwind trying to reorient the climate movement and develop a better understanding of what many are calling the “new normal.” Not only does the president-elect and his proposed cabinet lack respect for the science behind the fight, but we also have a Congress stacked with senators and representatives who are working deliberately against the movement. 778 more words

Social Justice

The New Yorker: Holy Rage: Lessons From Standing Rock

“Besides frostbite, what did people take away from there? This was probably the first time many non-Native people had been on a reservation, or in the presence of Native ceremonies. 234 more words


Vox: House conservatives' sweeping plan for Trump's first 100 days, explained

This is absolutely terrifying.

“The Freedom Caucus is proposing to root out nearly every program in the federal government intended to address climate change — targeting some 73 rules and regulations in all. 165 more words


The Washington Post: In Scotland, gusts of wind usher in a quiet energy revolution

“Even by the blustery standards of this notoriously squall-swept land, Aug. 7 was a particularly gusty day.

Bursts of rushing air swept across the green expanse of the Highlands, felling trees, submerging boats and forcing wind-whipped organizers to cancel food festivals and concerts. 48 more words