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Humans Will Be Extinct in 100 Years Says Eminent Scientist

This is just a prediction (albeit, an educated guess) on the part of Professor Frank Fenner. But lately I’m hearing more and more that it’s already too late to save the planet from climate change – even if we stopped burning fossil fuels today. 330 more words


Video: Coming Soon! Pope Francis in "The Encyclical"

The amount of hype from the climate change deniers over Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment, which will be released on June 18, is getting pretty absurd. 36 more words


A love letter to Global Leaders

Today I would like to offer my gratitude to Sweden, my homeland and all the people who have made my life possible and
so precious. June 6th is our National Day and the Day of the Swedish Flag. 1,246 more words

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Changing the Narrative of Our World Economic System

With horrendous global inequality and the climate crisis upon us, many people believe our only salvation is to create a new world economic system – one that is not exploitative, but one that is cooperative and inclusive of all the Earth’s citizens. 112 more words


Petition To Rescind Shell's Arctic Drilling Lease

Fossil fuel companies are willing to burn everything we love.

Right now, Shell is preparing to drill in the Arctic for the first time. If we don’t stop them, it could be the beginning of the end for everything we hold dear – because if we’re willing to let them risk the destruction of this beautiful, vital, pristine landscape at the top of our world, what won’t we let them do?

340 more words

E.Calvin Beisner speaks on behalf of the world's poor

On 27 April 2015 there was held, in Rome, what was called a ‘prebuttal’ to the Vatican’s Climate Summit on the following day. A substantial collection of leading independent scientific experts was assembled to convey a simple message. 314 more words

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