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It doesn't matter what we call "climate change"

Alex Lee recently wrote that “the term ‘climate change’ isn’t working anymore” because “most people don’t understand what the term climate means.” Generally, he argues, people confuse “climate” with “weather,” “climate” is too scientific of a term, and “climate change” doesn’t really reflect the “acute environmental crisis” people actually experience; we should stick with “global warming” because floods, hurricanes, higher temperatures, wildfires, and the like, are directly tied to heat. 655 more words

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Mother Earth is one pissed-off momma!


Visualizing Flooding and Increasing Heavy Rainfall in the Midwest

There is an interesting story in the Washington Post, What the Harvey deluge would look like where you live, that includes a tool that shows how much flooding would be predicted to occur if the 51.88 inches of rain (which fell on Houston) were to fall where you are.  150 more words

A Few Pictures from das Boot

Summer is having a late flowering here in the UK with sunny warm days, even today, a Bank Holiday, normally an appeal the heavy rain gods can’t resist. 329 more words


POWER writes to the Mayor, connecting climate and racial justice

Dear Mayor Kenney,

Thank you for your commitment to making Philadelphia a greener, more inclusive, and most importantly a racially equitable city for all. Through… 635 more words

Gas Power Plants

Two inspired by Scotland workshop

Many of my books take months or years of gestation before becoming concrete. I’ve been thinking for a long time about this one, which I call “Blast Zone”. 497 more words

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