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To all the readers who make this blog worth writing: Thank you. 336 more words

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Thanks partly to NOAA's new adjusted dataset, tommorrow they'll claim to reporters that May (and possibly June) was the 'hottest ever'

However, satellite data don’t agree with that finding

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Today I got an email with an advance link to the NOAA/NCDC “state of the climate” briefing- that monthly phone call where Tom Karl’s NCDC staff spoon feeds unquestioning newsies like AP’s Seth Borenstein the latest worry over climate. 951 more words

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Heat waves: extreme temperatures or just higher summer temperatures?

In previous post I ended rather abruptly by saying that one of the problems with the vagueness of the definition of a heat wave, is that they are difficult to compare. 990 more words

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El Niño begins to curtail the Pause

Global temperature update: no warming for 18 years 6 months

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

For 222 months, since January 1997, there has been no global warming at all (Fig. 3,645 more words

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Reliable measurements or pliable estimates?

The last three posts were mostly about the adjustments of the ocean data done in the Karl 2015 paper. This because the adjustments in ocean data had the biggest impact on the result (that there wasn’t something like a “hiatus”). 446 more words

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Progress on the problems with Australia's ACORN-SAT surface air temperature records

Dr David R.B. Stockwell writes, Progress on the surface temperature front as follows:

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment Bob Baldwin established a Technical Advisory Forum comprised of leading scientists and statisticians to review  and provide advice on Australia’s official temperature data set in January following recommendations by an independent peer review. 1,033 more words

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The journalistic self-immolation of Newsweek's Zoë Schlanger

Every once in a while a new reporter arrives onto the climate scene that immediately thinks they know everything there is to know about climate, and therefore doesn’t need to interview the people he/she writes about, ask questions of them, research the facts, or get any other points of view to reflect balance whatsoever, because you know, Science! 2,721 more words

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