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Meshing issues on global temperatures - warming data where there isn't any

Guest essay by Tim Crome

The plots attached here are taken from the MOYHU blog maintained by Nick Stokes here. The software on the blog allows the global temperature anomaly data for each month for the last several years, it also allows the mesh showing the temperature measurement points to be turned on and off. 542 more words

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While global surface temperature cools, the lower troposphere has record warmest October

Yesterday, we noted the drop in global surface temperature from HadCRUT data. Today, we have this report from the UAH dataset that points out the heat has not left the lower troposphere (about 14,000 feet altitude) based on this report from the University on Huntsville’s Dr. 1,392 more words

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Analysis says NOAA global temperature data 'doesn’t constitute a "smoking gun” for global warming'

Mikhail Voloshin writes this detailed analysis of NOAA and GISTEMP climate data  processing on his Facebook page:

Random Walk analysis of NOAA global temperature anomaly data… 10,542 more words

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Ooops! Australian BoM climate readings may be invalid due to lack of calibration

Dr Jennifer Marohasy writes by email:

There is evidence to suggest that the last 20 years of temperature readings taken by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, from hundreds of automatic weather stations spread across Australia, may be invalid. 179 more words

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