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Climate Data Fraud Is Rampant; Simply Line Up The Charts — CO2 is Life

NASA GISS is located in NYC, and right down the street is Battery Park. The above tidal gauge is from Battery Park. It shows absolutely zero acceleration since 1850, and in fact, is at a lower level today than in 1998.

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Multiple Sources Now Confirm; Climate Data “Adjustments” are Obvious Fraud to Anyone Choosing to Look — CO2 is Life

Published on CO2isLife 04/07/2018 Not only are the “adjustments” suspect, the temperature reconstructions are a complete and utter joke. Just look at the “Hockeystick” graph. The thing “dog legs” 2 times EXACTLY when the construction methodology changes.

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GISS Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index Vs GHCN

Guest analysis by Mark Fife

This is the state of the world’s surface temperatures according to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies from 1880 through 2017. 790 more words

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Global Temperature Update for April, 2018

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for April, 2018 was +0.21 deg. C, down a little from the March value of +0.24 deg. 268 more words

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A Look at the Shape of Temperature Change Over Time

Guest essay by Mark Fife

There are many times, when dealing with the analysis of real world data, looking at the average alone really doesn’t provide a complete picture of what is happening. 549 more words

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Reconstructing a Temperature History Using Complete and Partial Data

Guest analysis by Mark Fife

In today’s post I am going to go over how I went about creating a reconstruction of the history of temperature from the GHCN data sets using a variable number of stations reporting each year for the years of 1900 to 2011. 1,158 more words

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An interesting plot twist - call it an anomaly

We’ve covered this topic before, but it is always good to mention in again. Howard Goodall asks this on Twitter:

“Ever wondered why climate scientists use anomalies instead of temperatures?

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