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Investing 101: a lesson for Poland and Europe

To decrease the risk of losses, it is advisable to spread your investments. Poland (and the EU) clearly did not get this memo. They need to diversify their energy portfolio urgently, in order to obtain the desired independence of unsustainable and unreliable sources of energy. 345 more words


McWhorter on Antiracism as Religion, and Beyond

Yesterday I published a post at 3 Quarks Daily in which I quoted a July 21 remarks between John McWhorter and Glenn Loury to the effect that antiracism has become something like a religion. 2,306 more words

Great Revaluing

@3QD: Obama’s Pinckney Eulogy, Ta-Nehisi Coates as “Priest”, Laudato Si’

The topic: The place of religious discourse in civic life.

Initially prompted by some remarks by Glenn Loury and John McWhorter from June 29, I took a close look at Obama’s eulogy for Rev. 1,637 more words


Cheap, Reliable PV Monitoring and Maintenance for the Developing World

For all its touted benefits and promise, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has a big credibility problem across the developing world. Besides a perception that solar PV is unaffordable, thousands of solar panels aren’t producing electricity. 487 more words


Will Addis Ababa fire the starter gun for a new approach to sustainable development?

Thousands of delegates have descended on a rainy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the third International Conference on Financing for Development. This is the first in three UN Summits this year that will show how much governments are willing to rise to the current global challenges, including climate change, ongoing poverty, hunger and inequality. 826 more words

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Water and Corporate Culture at Golden State Foods

New emergency rules for water use are now in effect in California as government agencies and residents attempt to address long-term water needs as well as cope with immediate shortages. 855 more words

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Laudato Si' @3QD: Bridging the Gaps

This month I’ve decided to turn my 3QD slot over to my good friend Charles Cameron so that he can comment on Pope Francis’ remarkable encyclical, Laudato Se’. 395 more words

Great Revaluing