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Genius Grants for Energy Innovation (Reimagine Energy Policy: Part 1 of 4) [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 33]

Energy policy used to be an area where Democrats and Republicans found common ground. That’s not true anymore. The parties’ energy platforms are polarized by climate change. 1,082 more words

Energy Policy

Side-by-Side Comparison of Democratic and Republican Energy Policies [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 32]

The platforms for both American political parties dedicate several pages to energy policy. This language was drafted by committees of party leaders, approved by the presidential candidates, and then adopted at their national conventions. 281 more words

Energy Policy

The Democrats' Bold New Energy Platform: Zero Fossil Fuels [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 30]

“America must be running entirely on clean energy by mid-century” – 2016 Democratic Party platform

Delegates to the Democratic Party’s national convention released their new platform on July 21st. 1,292 more words

Energy Policy

The Republican Party’s Energy Platform [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 26]

I was a delegate to last week’s State Republican Convention in Dallas, which adopted a new platform for the party.  Each of the platform’s 266 positions was individually voted on by the entire convention.  886 more words

Energy Policy

Three rules for donors: making sure public-private development finance actually works

Last year’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement on climate change represent a significant political shift away from a dependency on fossil fuels towards an era of development more in harmony with the environment. 674 more words

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E. O. Wilson on preserving biodiversity

This week he publishes his 32nd book, Half Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life, in which he argues that we must set aside half the earth a preserve for non-human life. 297 more words

Great Revaluing

Peak Paper

Over at Crooked Timber John Quiggin has a post on peak paper:

In 2013, the world reached Peak Paper. World production and consumption of paper reached its maximum, flattened out, and is now falling.

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