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NOTE: from 20th November this Post was up at Climate Etc, the well known Lukewarmer blog of atmospheric scientist Judith Curry: http://judithcurry.com/2015/11/20/climate-culture/

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Sean Hargrave

Friday 20 November 2015 10.03 GMT

At the end of the month, world governments will convene at the UN COP21 conference in Paris for the next round of binding emission commitments aimed at restricting global warming to no more than two degrees by the end of the century. 86 more words


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That wet stuff is in the air again today.  Maybe we’ll find out how the household bet on drainage pans out.

ESA Euronews: Space for Earth We have all heard of climate...

ESA Euronews: Space for Earth

We have all heard of climate change, but what’s really happening to our planet now, in November 2015? As the COP21 summit in Paris looms in December, we set out to establish some of the scientific fundamentals, and hear how space technology is being used to get a truly global view of Earth’s vital signs.

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Eating Meat Warms Earth

One proposal for reducing greenhouse gases is to cut back on the consumption of meat. Meat, especially from beef, accounts for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions – roughly equivalent to that of our transportation system. 148 more words


The right to water: an interview with Mike Gonzalez

Mike Gonzalez and Marienella Yanes are the authors of The Last Drop: The Politics of Water (Pluto: 2015). Mike talked to Nick Evans about the fight to put the world’s water back under democratic control, and the wider connections between climate change and class struggle. 2,079 more words