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Why We Need An Extinction Mitigation Economy, Like, NOW.

It’s 2017 and we’re still viewing the world as we know it like it’s going to be around in 70 years. We need a plan here, people. 1,229 more words


Why Donald Trump could win his war on the EPA

Founded in 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency is the one positive legacy left by Richard M. Nixon, one of America’s worst Republican Presidents, the only one forced to resign in disgrace because of his criminal conduct. 1,354 more words


The Day That Winter Died

When the first signs came, it was too late. But we didn’t see them for what they were, so what does it matter?

More importantly, it wasn’t supposed to happen so soon. 1,817 more words


Arid desert alive and well

Years ago I used to listen to my favorite sports team live from Arizona. I heard all the fans cheering on their team and I thought I can’t image that many people down there j the desert. 177 more words


Trump okays oil pipelines


In a move that surprised no one for its greed and arrogance, on Jan. 24 President Donald Trump reversed President Obama’s Executive Order impeding construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. 1,032 more words



My son Brian is a massage therapist in Seattle. For about 10 years now, he’s rented a fairly-affordable room in Ballard from a woman my age. 347 more words


Rain or snow: hydrologic processes, observations, prediction, and research needs

Hydrology and Earth System Science | Harpold et al.


The phase of precipitation when it reaches the ground is a first-order driver of hydrologic processes in a watershed. 299 more words