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Climate change bites

The Wall Street Journal reports that PG&E, California’s largest utility, has declared bankruptcy because of its inability to cope with the costs of climate change. This rather stunning news is expected by observers to repeat itself in coming months. 22 more words


Watsonia’s holiday destination status bolstered by top 15 ranking in warmest Melbourne suburbs

Watsonia’s status as a desirable holiday destination has been significantly bolstered by a top 15 ranking in the list of Melbourne’s warmest suburbs. Slotting into a respectable 12th spot on the list, Watsonia’s average annual daily temperature maximum of 19.8 degrees Celsius places it very favourably amongst the more celebrated holiday destinations in Victoria. 173 more words


Yearly (Annual) Rain in different Countries

Yearly rain (millimeters)

Malaysia: 2875
Indonesia: 2702
Philippines: 2348
Brazil: 1782
Japan 1668
UK: 1220
Nigeria: 1150
India: 1083
France: 867
Italy: 832
Mexico: 752… 8 more words


Dirt to Soil, a book review (The Gospel of Gabe)

If you’ve listened to any of Gabe Brown’s many Youtube videos, you can hear his voice in your head as you read through his recently released book, … 707 more words

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A Walk in the Storm

Finally, we’ve got our first winter storm of the season. I’ve always liked them, since I was a kid. This storm had something special. Usually, the temperature goes up as the storm approach but not this time. 58 more words


Global Warming For German Wine Makers Will Lead to Boom in 2019 Sales

Global warming… yes we know it’s bad and we know it’s real. Our news enjoys publishing negative articles on Global Warming. Here is one positive from climate change in the Mosel region of Germany: wine makers will make more money from Global Warming. 93 more words