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Why Should You Eat Seasonal Produce?

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

Before the improvements in technology and chemistry, it was impossible to find certain produce out of their season. Today, with the development of preservatives or deep-freezers, you can enjoy blueberry pancakes in January or have an avocado toast every morning, 365 days of the year (and there is nothing wrong with that, we all love an avocado toast). 456 more words


Solar linked 2C downturn in Canadian prairie temperatures affecting grain yields.

Quiet sun

H/t to Electroverse for the heads up on this paper detailing the effect of reduced solar activity and cyclic oceanic oscillations on Canadian agriculture. 220 more words


Green For Canberra

Canberra news – Unlike this time last year when there was nary a blade of grass due to drought and high temperatures, Canberra (Australia) is green once more. 137 more words

Ragtag Daily Prompt

Friends in my head

Bridget and Julia on the set.

I was talking about how much I love Life Below Zero, but I would never consider living like that on the frozen Tundra. 230 more words


Healing The World - An Online Seminar, November 1

Two Tibetan lamas, Anam Thubten and Chakung Jigme Wangdrak Rinpoche, and two dharma practitioners and climate activists, Joanna Macy and Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel will host an online discussion, … 25 more words

Anam Thubten

Arctic sea ice isn't freezing in October for the first time on record

For the first time since records began, the main nursery of Arctic sea ice in Siberia has yet to start freezing in late October.

The delayed annual freeze in the Laptev Sea has been caused by freakishly protracted warmth in northern Russia and the intrusion of Atlantic waters, say climate scientists who warn of possible knock-on effects across the polar region.


Another Climate Scientist With Impeccable Credentials Breaks Ranks

This article in Electroverse gives an overview of Dr. Mototaka Nakamura’s new book titled ‘The Global Warming Hypothesis is an Unproven Hypothesis’.

Dr. Nakamura has impressive credentials in this field, including knowledge of the modelling that the climate change scare is based upon. 37 more words

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