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The Passive House // Grant Gulla

It was less than a decade ago that a building design philosophy from Germany called “passive house” took root in Brooklyn. Now with many homes and smaller projects built, passive buildings seem to be ready to enter NYC’s housing market in a larger way. 124 more words

Student Work

Nobody Cares About Climate Change, Concern About The Environment Way Down!

That’s what happens when you manufacture a lie in order to steal money and freedom claiming doomsday for the last two and a half decades, get caught manipulating and falsifying data, and people begin to get over their hysteria and come to the realization that nothing has changed over those past two and a half decades except their wallets are a lot thinner for paying for this scam. 50 more words


We know what is going to come out of Paris

Climate Space closing meeting in the World Social Forum 2015: Not any action will do.

We know what is going to come out of Paris and its not going to be the system change that we want but more capitalism, more corporate power, more carbon markets, more technofix solutions.


My gripe about the misappropriation of quantum physics by new age woo

A  few years ago I ended up consulting someone over a health matter. This guy seemed to be talking sense, until he started up about ‘quantum healing’. 781 more words


A Map of Drought in the U.S.

If you’d like to get a visual impression of how climate change appears to be affecting the country, the National Drought Mitigation Center has a map showing the areas of the lower 48 which are suffering conditions from abnormally dry to exceptional drought. 22 more words

Nature And The Environment

Costa Rica Burns No Coal

Skip the details. First, congratulate Costa Rica on getting all of their energy from clean sources. An entire country that hasn’t had to burn any fossil fuels to generate electricity. 50 more words


New Rules in Massachusetts Offer Model for Rewarding Good Biomass

Massachusetts bravely breaks from the pack of biomass backers; they actually did their homework and followed the science that revealed just how polluting biomass energy really is. 98 more words