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China Is Splashing $168 Million to Make It Rain

China, the world’s second largest economy, is pouring 1.5 billion yuan ($168 million) into a program aimed at making it rain in its usually arid northwestern region. 272 more words


Huffin' and Puffin

So…even if there is no global warming (but I believe there is), what’s the harm in taking care of the environment?

Personal Success

Turning Towards The Sun

“US homes contribute one fifth of climate-change-causing-carbon-emissions,” according to the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Real Change

We make hundreds of decisions every day that affect our environment, climate change and our children’s futures.

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By David Spratt: Antarctic Tipping Points for a Multi-metre Sea Level Rise



  • West Antarctica ice loss is now unstoppable, regardless of human CO2 emissions.
  • Expect 1-2m of sea level rise by 2100.
  • Expect 3-5m of sea level rise by 2200.
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Scylla and Charybdis

My wife is a pessimist. She believes that mankind will destroy ourselves either in a nuclear war or by destroying the earth’s climate. I am an optimist, seemingly beyond all present indications to the contrary.

Foreign Affairs

Did the Grinch Steal Winter?

So, what’s with this crazy weather we’re having?  It’s suppose to be winter around here, but I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the word.  People are wearing their Bermuda shorts.  409 more words