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Three Young Activists Reflect on COP22

What was COP22 like for the young people there? Three students reflect on their experiences, their struggle to have the youth voice heard, and the need to see climate change as a human rights issue. Read more here!

First Here, Then Everyhwere

What I Learned About Climate Change from a Climatologist and How Gardeners Can Adapt to the Future

by Wendy Diaz

At the Sarah P. Duke Gardens on November 15, 2016, I attended a Durham Garden Forum Talk entitled “Gardening Under Future Weather Conditions” by Dr. 944 more words

US Oil Exports Spike

Because the US Congress lifted restrictions, the US has seen a 1,284% increase in oil exports since 2009. Fracking greatly increased US oil production capacity, but the oil it produced is thin and hard to refine. 116 more words

Tornado Outbreaks On The Rise: Is Climate Change Cause For Blame?

#Tornado #ClimateChange #PacificOcean #OceanCurrents #InsuranceIndustry  Tornado Outbreaks On The Rise: Is Climate Change Cause For Blame?  Frequent tornadoes and thunderstorms that kill people and destroy property have become a matter of grave concern. 47 more words

Picturing a Car-Free, E-Bike Adventure

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. ~John F. Kennedy, U.S. president

How fortunate not routinely having
to travel any faster than I can pedal;

342 more words

Roger Pielke Jr.: My unhappy life as a climate heretic 

Despite being what might be termed a ‘lukewarmer’, this professor has been a target of climate fanatics for a long time for pointing out a few inconvenient truths they would prefer the public not to hear, as the Wall Street Journal reports. 782 more words


Textbooks of Propaganda

I often find it useful to see concrete examples of the shameful propaganda within modern education, perhaps out of a need to remind myself the insanity of it all is truly real. 1,508 more words

Ayn Rand