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5000 times a load of rubbish ...

Three decades ago, this was required reading. Gradually, the unhinged have taken over, and now, there is no reason at all to want to read Newsweak (sic) ever again: 145 more words


South Australian superstorm and outage

Yesterday a superstorm led to a total power failure in the entire state of South Australia. Think about that:

See SA power outage: how did it happen? 332 more words


Summer's Hot Mess

Never once have I fantasized about the dead of winter—until the summer became intolerable, that is. Time and again, I found myself yearning for the brutal cold of the Arctic, a frostbitten appendage or, at the very least, vicariously catapulting myself forward to the misery of January in Pennsylvania, snow shovel in hand. 598 more words


Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Asia: Vietnam

By PISA Program Assistant, Dr. Miriam Grinberg

As one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, Vietnam – with a growth rate of about 7 percent this past year… 585 more words

My Ideal House, Part 2

Things for my ideal house, continued:

  • Enough garden to grow about 75% of my food. That would be vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, and a few free-range chickens for eggs.
  • 135 more words
Life In Balance

Wynne Short-Sighted on Energy & Politics

Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberal Government just announced they’ll be scrapping $3.8 billion of renewable energy projects under the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP II) program. This decision comes at a time when the Liberals are lagging in the polls and being reprimanded by the public over high hydro prices and the privatization of Hydro One. 605 more words

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