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Quite some updates the last weeks on my research homepage. Feel free to check them and comment!

  • A new page hast been created in the “Atmosphere composition” section: …

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Air Quality News

China Bans Solid Waste Imports

After decades of ignoring soil, water and air pollution within its jurisdiction the Chinese government has notified the WTO that it will ban ‘foreign garbage… 435 more words


Bummer, Dude. Global Warming Will Swallow Good Surfing Beaches.

“It may seem that stronger storms and swells would be a boon to surfers. But as with many aspects of living in a changing climate, the outlook is far more complicated. 128 more words


Inventing Humanity [Part 2]

Continued fromĀ Inventing Humanity, last week onĀ The Fire…

Let’s get started, shall we?

Standing Up To Evolution

It’s widely understood that ancient humans had to learn to walk upright, or bipedally, in order to improve their chances of survival in the unforgiving African savanna. 914 more words


A story of hotspots and stepping stones

Predicting the faith of exotic plant species in cold-climate mountains: our new paper is out now in early view! You can find it here. 764 more words

Measurements over Canada’s Mackenzie River Basin suggest that thawing permafrost is starting to free greenhouse gases long trapped in oil and gas deposits.

Global warming may be unleashing new sources of heat-trapping methane from layers of oil and gas that have been buried deep beneath Arctic permafrost for millennia. 257 more words