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BC’s Climate Intentions Papers: A Timid Response - and the Twelve Solutions We Really Need

August 20, 2018

I wish I didn’t have to write this. I count myself a friend of the NDP/Green Alliance, and I had high hopes for the government’s new climate action plans. 3,353 more words


9 Real Effects of Overpopulation on the Environment

Climate change. Global warming. The effects of overpopulation are real, and they need our attention. What causes them, and why are they such a concern? More importantly, how do we manage the effects of overpopulation? 23 more words

False Equivalencies and False Choices

Getting this out of the way first, lest anyone accuse this article of being in the denial camp: Anthropogenic global warming is almost certainly real and will very likely have significant long-term societal, economic, and ecological consequences.  628 more words

Professional Practice

Rise For Climate

It’s time for another climate march!
On September 8th, it’s the Rise for Climate march. Go HERE to find a march near you.

Political Action

World is finally waking up to climate change, says 'hothouse Earth' author

The scorching temperatures and forest fires of this summer’s heatwave have finally stirred the world to face the onrushing threat of global warming, claims the climate scientist behind… 113 more words


Highlighted Community: Hopkinsville, KY

You may be asked every once in awhile to state your hometown or someone will ask you where are you from?  It seems like a simple answer you just say that you are from “insert town in insert state and/or country here” and perhaps the person you are talking to will state their hometown.  2,072 more words