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Average Seasonal Lags in 32 American Cities

Even though the sun is highest at noon and furthest away at midnight (up to time zone discretization and daylight savings), a typical day is not hottest at noon and not coldest at midnight. 234 more words

February 2015 a very dry month

After a very cool first week, normal temperatures returned, both by day (33°) and by night (18°) . Early on, most mornings were sunny. Later, many were almost overcast, but only three days had light rain, with a maximum of 3.4 mm. 159 more words

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February 2015 and meteorological Winter in review

Welcome to the first day of meteorological Spring! Winter has been cast aside for another nine months, while days keep getting longer and average temperatures continue to warm. 538 more words


California Drought Update February 2015

It seems from the great wailing and moaning that we have arrived at a new definition of drought. The new definition is whatever is inconvenient for 30 million people regardless how much rain falls. 61 more words


CERN Says Earth Entering New Ice Age

SWITZERLAND – Physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, announced a series of breakthroughs in scientific research today that point to an emergence of a new ice age which could potentially threaten life on earth as we know it. 538 more words