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Warm summers in the Younger Dryas?

The Younger Dryas was a period (12,900–11,600 BP) towards the end of the last glaciation when glaciers re-advanced in Scotland and the tundra plants, including the eponymous… 678 more words

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League of Conservation Voters launches 'Walker's Wisconsin' to spotlight his anti-conservation agenda

As part of its “Field Guide to Taking Back Wisconsin” campaign, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is kicking off a series to recount how Gov. Scott Walker has taken our state, once considered a conservation model, to somewhere that’s hardly recognizable. 15 more words

New theory finds 'traffic jams' in jet stream cause abnormal weather patterns

This could be a step forward in unravelling the whys and wherefores of the phenomenon of jet stream blocking.

The sky sometimes has its limits, according to new research from two University of Chicago atmospheric scientists. 366 more words


Deadly Heat Wave Hits Pakistan

A deadly heat wave in Pakistan has killed upwards of 65 people.

At least 65 people have died in the city of Karachi in Pakistan as a deadly heat wave moves through the country with temperatures topping 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 85 more words


I Believe In Gnomes, Santa Claus And The Weather Man

It’s been a while since my last post. Basically the struggle of any artist, be happy or make money!

Anyway, I have been experimenting and making music inspired by videos/images I recorded previously based weather/climate events. 121 more words

Species loss varies significantly under different climate change scenarios

Jenna Ladd | May 24, 2018

According to a recent study published in the journal Science, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels rather than 2 degrees Celsius could significantly reduce terrestrial plants and animal species loss. 256 more words


Reforestation for Real

As a solution for tackling climate change and habitat loss, reforestation is a popular idea that may be impactful or disappointing depending on how it is done. 590 more words