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Every day they gather at the Waiting Place, a couple of dozen dapper, well-groomed uniformed men, playing cards or smoking or just shooting the breeze. 373 more words

CO2 is not the atmosphere’s thermostat. There are many recent peer reviewed papers that clearly show that. A big influence are the oceans.

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Exceptionally warm average annual temperatures expected to continue

Katelyn Weisbrod | August 16, 2018

A study shows that the trend of warmer-than-normal average temperatures will continue for at least the next five years… 119 more words


A farewell to the site

Thursday last week we recorded the last elevations on site – the bottom of the house pits dug into natural and the original sod walls… On Sunday parts of the crew and a number of outside guests in town for the Culture Centre opening (16 people in total) just made it out of Quinhagak before the planes stopped flying for three days. 112 more words

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Nir Shaviv: The missing link between exploding stars, clouds and climate on Earth

Nir Shaviv is co-author along with Henrik Svensmark and others of a major new paper in Nature Communications titled Increased ionization supports growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei. 665 more words


Losing earth and capitalism and the NY times

I’ve just finished reading this gargantuan piece from the NY Times, Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change, which tells the story in the late 80’s of how we… 398 more words

Study uncovers role of ocean warming in water cycle and salinity changes

A recent study by researchers at UNSW Sydney and the UK National Oceanography Centre has revealed how ocean warming has changed the pattern of salinity observed at the surface of the ocean. 408 more words