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I'm Done with Winter

We’ve had a fairly normal winter until the end of December, then WHAM!! Early in the morning on December 31, we dipped below freezing and stayed there for over a week—200 hours—breaking a record from 1979, and the first week of January was the coldest ever on record. 333 more words


Reusable vs. recycleable

Do you know where that blue can of mixed recyclables goes every two weeks?

Much of it goes to China, but that may end in January. 774 more words


Two Weeks in 2017 - Fire, Flood, and Wind

In the last two weeks (Aug. 25 – Sept. 10), 19 U.S. states were affected by either hurricanes or fires. I’m no expert in climate change, but global increasing temperatures would seem a logical cause for two record-breaking hurricanes and wildfires. 797 more words


Garbage study claims: global warming will cause U.S. sleep loss

From the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – SAN DIEGO and the “correlation is not causation unless we take a survey and plug the results into a model and ignore UHI” department comes this “anything goes” paper that has the magic words for making headlines, but very little if any real science in it. 2,081 more words


Guangzhou Rising - Canton Sinking

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen

The New York Times seems to be running short of environmental journalists.  Its latest salvo in the attempt to keep climate change at the forefront of American minds was written by Michael Kimmelman.  1,754 more words


Your Questions Answered: Why Are you Against Climate Change?

Jared Miller – March 17, 2017

Let’s make a few things clear right out of the gate:

Is climate change real? Yes.

Is it man made? 602 more words