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The Earth in Crisis?

I apologise for the following outburst, but some people say the stupidest things. I’ve been following a debate in the local newspaper; letters to the editor –  some rational, some not so – demands that we save the planet. 1,626 more words


Transfer of clean technology between developed and developing countries through public-private partnerships: small companies as facilitators of sustainable development.

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The process of clean technology transfer between developed and developing countries is a principal issue to be solved through diverse mechanisms in order to propose methods which help to ensure a greater participation in such collaborative efforts. 553 more words

Sustainability Solutions: Clean Technology

From a flooded city

Most of us watch the news, whether overrated or downplayed, we see the cruelties and injustices this world has to offer, feels sorry for a moment and carry on with our life. 847 more words


Rain in Egypt

Egypt is a predominantly dry country, but for the past couple of years the climate has changed a great deal. My theory is that the climate of the whole world will change after the tsunami that hit Japan some time ago and tilted the world axis around 10 degrees. 546 more words

Global warming pause is over and the planet is now 'ON FIRE'

THE Earth is literally burning as a brief pause in global warming has come to an end, an expert has warned.   A short hiatus saw temperatures become more steady across the globe between 1999 and 2013.   169 more words