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It’s easy to give up. Just quit and say no. Why should we push through something so hard and stress over it? The headaches and constant tiredness. 205 more words


A final fling in Fontainebleau

This is where we started the Climbing trip nearly a year ago, so it only seems fair that this would be where it ended. As ever when I arrive in Font I am immediately fond of the place, pulling down rugged roads, avoiding potholes and ending up at a car park surrounded by nothing but nature. 1,242 more words


To Bolt or Not To Be

On my 27th birthday I woke up buried in my sleeping bag, nestled in my car in the middle of Central Oregon. I poked my head out to see frost building up on every window of my car, yet the sky was clear and the sun was strong. 3,894 more words


The Climb

I climbed a hill today
Met many obstacles on the way
I wasn’t sure I’d be ok
Then I climbed a little more

The air began to thin… 81 more words


I open my computer, and turn off the search for wifi. There’s none out here. The breeze is cool and light. Drier than I’m used to. 667 more words


The climb speaks to our character, but the view, I think, to our souls. – The Mountain Story, Lori Lansens

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I met the rest of the group at the usual meeting place and had the usual discussion over where we would go. I suggested that we should head towards the bollards as I’ve never been up that way. 354 more words

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