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Kendal Mountain Fest

So it’s the first time we’ve been but wow was it incredible. So many films, talks and lectures you can’t see a quarter of it. I think we found a great balance seeing the BBC documentary life at the extremes producer, Adam Ondra, Andy Kirkpatrick and Jim Herrington in a secret session, the Wideboyz then the BMC breakfast alongside a Saturday film pass and a best of. 81 more words

Alone with a Passion

Thanks to my ex-husband, I was initiated and baptized into the world of outdoor activities here in the scenic picturesque Swiss Alps when I left a rather flat humid country, Singapore, in 1995. 246 more words

Still Mountain

I am mountain
Tunneled through
And standing
All manner of mobile
Automatic machines
Using and viewing fast
My stony middle
Just to travel
A to B without… 57 more words


That's A Summit

If no one sees you

Standing alone

On top of a mountain.

That’s a summit

To be proud of.

I hope you howl while you’re up there.

Life Chatter


When life puts something on display in it’s compete sugar coated state, makes you want it until your heart aches, then tells you can’t have it. 80 more words


Few weeks ago, you said you would begin today,

today came suddenly upon you, procrastination has won yet again,

have you forgotten that tomorrow is guaranteed to no one? 28 more words

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