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The Albertan Princess

As these photos came through a story began to form.. Once upon a time there was a Albertan Princess that wanted a child of hers spawned by no man but the essence of nature. 698 more words

Adventure Stuff

Après Ice-Climbing...Visit Big White Ski Resort's Manmade 60ft Ice Tower

How do you create a manmade 60 foot ice tower….bury 4 telephone poles and add H2O.  The ice tower at Big White Ski Resort up in BC is covered with 3 feet of ice and you can climb it even if you’re a beginner. 46 more words


Can’t wait to see this movie documenting the the original dirtbag, Fred Beckey, who pioneered a lifestyle that has influenced countless climbers and maintained that lifestyle until the ripe old age of 94. 175 more words


Rescue Personnel Desperately Working To Save Climbers Stuck On Mt Hood

Search and rescue personnel are attempting to recover 2 groups of climbers who are stuck on Mt Hood reports ABC News. At least one of the groups included an injured person, although the severity of the ailment(s) is not yet clear. 154 more words


Modelo de toma de decisiones Bomberos

Es fácil pensar que una de las primeras cosas que hacemos cuando salimos del camión llenos de adrenalina es correr sin sentido para atender la emergencia que tenemos lo mas rapido posible. 232 more words


Polish Climbers Attempt First Winter Ascent Of K2

The second highest mountain in the world, K2 (aka Chhogori) has never been summited during the winter. Now a team of Polish climbers are attempting the first winter ascent of the “Savage Mountain”. 154 more words


1/52; The Adventures Of Rat Tail And DreadMullet

Right let’s get straight down to business.

This is a blog about the annual New Years adventure. A tradition started four years ago on a cold mountain in Wales, and it was the kicking off point of this whole blog. 408 more words