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[Pic of the Week] : Lady Gaga, Martin Luther King, and a head injury.

So far, I think weary is the best word to sum up 2015 for me. I know that’s not too inspiring or cheer-inducing, but it’s the truth. 512 more words

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DIY - Fall Maintenance Tip #2

Fall is the perfect time to do home maintenance. Aside from Gutter cleaning, a roof inspection is just as important to protect your home from future potential issues. 290 more words

Home Maintenance

Make the best use of Ladder

Ladder is made up of steps or rungs. A ladder can be used vertically or horizontally. Ladders are of great use to everyone. Be it office or residence, or be it factories, ladders are being used everywhere. 406 more words

Climbing Ladder

Aluminium Step Ladder – Handy Tools for Every Purpose

Ladders have become a part of our day-to-day activities but some of us often seem confused over their usage. They are handy tools having steps fixed in them either in an inclined or a vertical way. 443 more words

Climbing Ladder

How to Find the Perfect Climbing Ladder

Most of the home improvement & maintenance works need climbing ladder that can provide access to greater heights. Who can understand this better than the ladder manufactures? 488 more words

Climbing Ladder

Some Useful Facts on Extension Ladder

An extension ladder otherwise known as telescopic ladder is a stretchable climbing ladder type that can be pulled out to any extent with its finely sliding parts. 539 more words

Climbing Ladder

Ladder, A Useful Tool For Everyone

Ladder manufacturers throughout the world are making big business. Professional ladder manufacturers are designing some great ladders which are being used for various purposes. A ladder is a great tool for sure. 435 more words

Climbing Ladder