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Libyan Challenge 2006

Libyan Challenge 2006

Christo Horn

The first Libyan Challenge Master Trek was held from 27 February until 2 March 2006.  The race being a 200 km non-stop GPS assisted race was the first of its kind.  2,067 more words

The best view in the world

There’s high hopes when a place advertises itself as “the best best view in the world” and so, even though you have to walk up 740 stairs, you do it because you can’t miss the most beautiful view in the world. 112 more words


Strong, Casually Deliberate and the Col de la Croix de Fer

So it’s the day after one of the best days I’ve ever had on a bike. The previous day I had ridden 3 huge mountain passes, all on my… 2,023 more words


"No Man is an Island" But the West Could Be. In Defence of Selfishness and Isolationism

I was in the middle of the Utah desert when six co-ordinated terrorist attacks rocked the streets of Paris, expunging the life from the bodies of 129 people. 2,334 more words


From Everest to Paradise! - Day 127 - 25 May

I am not really sure what actually happened this morning but at some point I must have agreed to Liz’s suggestion of us going for a guided ‘walk’ up to the top of the ‘Rock’, at some later point we must have booked it and here we were being greeted by our guide. 807 more words

Longing for warmer days

Winter hasn’t even started yet and I’m already missing warmer weather. The gentle afternoon sun, colorful scenery wherever you go. Warm winds and not having to think about how thick your jacket should be.  616 more words



Someone had asked me, “why do you insist on taking the hard road?”

I replied, “why do you assume I see two roads?”

-choose the road of resistance. 8 more words