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Climbing Logic!

As a logic professor I regularly have to remind myself to turn off the logic switch when I’m not in the classroom setting, or writing professionally. 730 more words

Back at The Climbing Centre

After a few months of climbing regularly I was starting to get stronger and a bit better, I was used to progression in my life going slowly. 261 more words


Seven Ways to Lose Weight for Climbing

1. Pee. Never start up a climb having to pee. Depending on how much coffee you’ve consumed, this could rid you of over a pound of extra weight, and you don’t need the unnecessary distraction of “holding it” while you’re cruxing out. 207 more words


Don't climb the giant pumpkin

Quite an unusual sign, but to give you some context, this is the king of artwork you can find in Naoshima island, Japan:


Hot Spot Slot - Seeking Shade

Arapiles – day 4

Woke up better than yesterday. Cruised out to The Pines, and walked up to the Atreides, where Speedy and Triumphant went up the 3-star classic Muldoon. 571 more words

The Harding Icefield Trail: A Surprising Metaphor for Marriage

The trip I would have never wanted to take. The destination: too unknown and too far away. The travel time: my furthest distance ever traveled on a plane. 1,260 more words

Overcoming Challenges