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A Brand New World

Change is hard. I’m usually pretty good at adapting to changes but sometimes I can be a bit resistant. When the change required quitting my job and moving from South Africa to Austria, I expected it to be challenging. 829 more words

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This Day in History

July 20th, 1969: Armstrong walks on the moon. For a billion people listening at home, 38-year-old Neil Armstrong steps off the Eagle and at 10:56 pm speaks the famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Growing up, we’ve all heard these words and recognize this as perhaps the greatest achievement of the decade, but we don’t learn much else about this eventful day. 970 more words

Exploring In & Around Boise, Idaho

There is so much to fit in this blog post! We spent a lot of time in Boise, Idaho. And it’s not exactly what we expected. 835 more words


My Climbing Journey -- A glimpse of how it all started

I’ve been climbing for so long. So long, that I have trouble counting quick enough to answer people who ask so. I’ve finally done my math. 845 more words


It's Calling - 50 Years of Lowe Alpine

In 1967 Greg Lowe designed the first ever internal framed backpack. He created it because he wanted a better carrying system to make the climbs of his dreams a reality. 81 more words