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Dear #vanlife: I don’t want to be a dirtbag

Dear #vanlife,

I know this isn’t the cool thing. Every day, I see the photos and read the articles where you keep telling me I should quit my soul-sucking office job and move into a tricked-out van/ bus/truck so my spirit can be as free as the eagles flying over Moab’s desert. 383 more words


My Climbing Shoes

Above you can see all the shoes i have so far.
At first i did not understand why there are so many types.
Now i have an idea. 22 more words


日本語の記録 - 2016年10月22日

今日、言語交換のプログラムのためにりんたろさんとはやとさんとアンドリューさんと一緒にボルダリングをした。「Joondalup Climbing Centre」と言う場所でした。楽しかっただ。


その後、私たちは簡単ボルダリングから難しいボルダリングへ行った。そこで、男の人は私たちにボルダリング方教えた。その人はとても優しいと思う。 難しいボルダリングの時に、私たち日本語だけ話した。だから、私はたくさん新しい日本語言葉を学んだ。例えば、「筋肉痛」と「まめ」を学んだ。英語で、この言葉は「muscle pain」と「blister」と言うそれぞれ。



Climbing a mountain

So a few months back I signed myself up for a bicycling event called Race to the Base, it’s actually a triathlon but I’m not that fit to swim, bike and run. 452 more words


Haberdashers’ Aske’s Explorers’ Club in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland in the summer of 1959

The summit of Angel’s Peak which we climbed at night to watch the sunrise over the mountains. A sensational sight never forgotten by Tony Sargeant. Taken a little after the first break of dawn some of the morning mist which at first light carpeted the valleys like a sea below us is still clinging to the shade of the hillsides. 6 more words

Anthony J Sargeant

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Explorers’ Club in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland in the summer of 1959

Black Spout Gulley on Lochnagar at the top of the scree slope which was our route to the top of the mountain. Photographed by Tony Sargeant. 31 more words

Anthony J Sargeant

Dear Climbing

Free soloing in Capitol Reef National Park, UT

Rappelling in Logan Canyon, Utah

Climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Competing in Utah

Bouldering age 7… 1,262 more words