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Pendakian Gunung Semeru 3.676 MDPL - Merengkuh Atap Pulau Jawa

Gunung Semeru merupakan gunung tertinggi di Pulau Jawa sehingga mendapat sebutan sebagai atapnya Pulau Jawa,  gunung dengan ketnggian 3.676 mdpl ini menduduki peringkat keempat dalam barisan Indonesia seven summit setelah Jaya wijaya, Kerinci, dan Rinjani. 1,949 more words


5 most promising Indian Climbers to look out for at IFSC Climbing World Cup 2016

For the first time in India’s sports history, the World Cup in Bouldering is to be hosted in India in May 2016. Hosting a World Cup in India is a huge deal. 649 more words


Uramyougi-san hike

Last Monday, a friend invited me to go hiking with her and some friends up Uramyougi-san (裏妙義山), a mountain in Gunma prefecture. It wasn’t a particularly long hike at only about 6 hours to the top and back to the car. 267 more words


“Because I Can”

Not sure when women got March as Women’s History month, but I’m glad they did. Her story isn’t told nearly as often as history. It is a little surprising, though, that along with this attempt to add more balance to our knowledge of the past, there is suddenly a wealth of sites celebrating songs that empower women. 127 more words


Mechanics and Mates

I woke on the Tuesday morning tempted to sack off the Landy repairs until later in the week. Very tempted. Three things stopped me: first and foremost that it was a terrible idea, wouldn’t do the car any good and the job needed doing so we should do it. 1,563 more words


I’m a Whole New Man; Just Like the Old Days

There a line from Glen Garry Glen Ross, Al Pacino’s character returns to the booth and says to his mark: “You ever take a shit that makes you feel like you’ve slept for 12 hours?” 565 more words


My Flavorite

These crazy party animals are addicted to minerals.