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Flashback Walks: Holyhead Mountain 2/11/2014

Ok now this flashback walk is a little different from the others I’ve done, for one Holyhead Mountain isn’t actually a mountain, true it is the highest point in Anglesey, but it only stands at about… 650 more words


Nature | Orange Flower Ⅲ

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Climbing of Chinese trumpet creeper …
Flowers is the bustling been rocked in the wind. 21 more words


A crisis on Everest; Into Thin Air

This is a book review and thus may contain spoilers!

So for a while now I have been absolutely fascinated with mountaineering, and by some sinister association, mountaineering disasters. 295 more words


Disappointment Cleaver

You could tell, even in the dark at 2:00ish a.m., that we were at a precarious point in our ascent. It wouldn’t be till our descent that we’d see just  1,269 more words

Polish Ski Mountaineer Completes First Descent of Broad Peak | Other Ski Mountaineer Goes Missing

After a single weekend on Broad Peak in Pakistan, one ski mountaineer completed a first descent from the summit of 26,414 ft Broad Peak and one ski mountaineer has gone missing. 210 more words

Oil baron Dick Bass, the first man to summit the highest peak on every continent, has died

Richard “Dick” Bass was a Texas oil baron and rancher who traded cowboy boots for climbing boots, eventually becoming the first man to summit the tallest mountain on all seven continents. 226 more words