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15 Year Old Falls 45 Feet in Climbing Gym

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. For this blog I’m going to talk about a incident that happened in Stone Summit gym in Kennesaw, Georgia in America. 309 more words

Coralie | Expression

In many ways my creativity and my anxiety are inseparable. For anyone who has experienced the swirling terror of a panic attack, and felt the sensation of their mind seemingly beyond control it can feel like riding a horse that’s been spooked. 543 more words


Something for the weekend

I’m a little behind on updates – it’s been a hectic few months and there have been no audaxes. There has, however, been adventure.

I’d been rethinking what makes me love ultra distance cycling and the inimitable Darren Franks offered the type of wisdom only he can: less badges, more fun. 1,305 more words

What is acceptable risk?

If you’ve ever bought a piece of rock climbing gear, there is usually a really long description, that basically tells you that “rock climbing is inherently risky” and that failure to use gear in a safe manor can lead to injury or death.  547 more words

Adventure In The PNW

Safety first, Safety second

Its something we all do, get “complacent through familiarity” .

Be it walking across a road, driving a known street or as in this case, think we are safe on a well know mountain “because we have been here before”. 492 more words


Elusive freedom

I am 40. It is raining. I have no car keys, and I am too pregnant to walk more than half a mile each way. The shops I want to go and hang out in (like some bored teenager) are 1.5 miles away. 1,523 more words