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Snow Drops

The problem when you make a Breton cake, is that you are left with a lot of egg whites ( well according to my previous recipe, and simple mathematics the number is 6). 266 more words


Why clingfilm gets a Bad Wrap

It’s been a lunchbox institution, keeping our cheese and vegemite sandwiches fresher (albeit slightly soggier) ever since it its accidental invention in 1933. So why are we suddenly so down on the miracle that is Glad Wrap? 275 more words

Domestic Activist

Maquette No 2: Construction (Part 2 )

To make the base sturdy, the wood chipboard and shoji paper are taped onto the polystyrene (Fig 7). The wood chipboard side being the base of the maquette… 169 more words

Experimentation Process

Maquette No 2: Materials (Part 1)

Recently I’ve been considering more about the installation aspect of my project. I’d previously constructed a maquette mainly using polystyrene back  in October.  Looking back and reflecting on this work in my blog has helped me retrace my footsteps. 104 more words

Experimentation Process

69. The Sexy One

This week we discussed stolen Smarties, dog bites man, banned sex acts and adventures in cling film.



Chicken Ballotine

Dinner party season is creeping up on us at a pace and this chicken dish is a tried and tested go to for me. They’re perfect for dinner parties in so many ways, you can prepare everything miles in advance, in fact you can freeze the portions prior to cooking. 509 more words

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