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Get To Know About Paper Dispenser

Nowadays, paper towels are generally used in the restroom. These absorbent paper are used  for drying or removing moisture from the surface through direct contact or using a blotting or a rubbing motion. 336 more words

Facial Tissues

My top 3 simple tips to reuse and recycle

With the busy lives we have, it is sometimes tempting to go for easy, disposable options but this can have a huge impact on the environment. 711 more words

Household & Appliances

Eco food wrapping

We need to wrap food all the time, whether it is to preserve it, to protect it from moisture or dryness, from the cold or the heat, or simply to carry it around. 727 more words

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cling film
ˈklɪŋ fɪlm/ noun British

1. a thin transparent plastic film that adheres to surfaces and to itself, used as a wrapping or covering for food… 412 more words

Gorchudd Bwyd Cŵyr Gwenyn DIY

Yn y gegin, dwi’n trio torri lawr ar faint o clingfilm a phapur gloyw rydyn ni’n defnyddio.  Wrth storio bwydydd yn y pantri, bydda’i fel arfer yn rhoi plât ar ben y fowlen yn hytrach na chlingffilm erbyn hyn, ond roedden i ishe dod o hyd i ddulliau eraill hefyd.  519 more words


Bees wax wraps to finally kick that cling(y) film to the curb

So, an item I have been wanting to try for a while now, are beeswax wraps. I initially found an American company who made and sold them. 364 more words


Sunday Swap | Cling Film, Aluminum Foil & Parchment Paper

Swapping cling film, aluminium foil, and parchment paper is easier than it may seem at first, as there are already quite a few options out there that will do the same job, waste-free. 530 more words

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