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Day 114: Tryweryn and Drowning

As I said before, I was not happy with the final outcome yesterday so I spent today working on improving the installation and making it look more finished. 88 more words

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Day 113: Carving and Finishing Touches

Today I was able to spend my time carving the plaster cast I made yesterday to resemble the church stone from Tryweryn. After this I was then able to arrange my installation and put the finishing touches to the piece. 24 more words

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Day 112: Cling Film and Plaster

Now that I finished the walls yesterday, I was able to spend today concentrating on the roof which meant a lot of clingfilm. I really like the result and how the surface looks from beneath. 29 more words

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Snow Drops

The problem when you make a Breton cake, is that you are left with a lot of egg whites ( well according to my previous recipe, and simple mathematics the number is 6). 266 more words


Why clingfilm gets a Bad Wrap

It’s been a lunchbox institution, keeping our cheese and vegemite sandwiches fresher (albeit slightly soggier) ever since it its accidental invention in 1933. So why are we suddenly so down on the miracle that is Glad Wrap? 275 more words

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