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Open Letter to British Psychological Society re ADHD & Stigma

Last week we were alerted to a furore on Twitter concerning something called  the “Power Threat Meaning Framework” or #PTMFramework a publication of the British Psychological Society. 614 more words


The Winds of Change

With the trust levels between clinicians in private practice and their patients plummeting to what many would call an all-time low, many clinicians have been wondering what they need to do to regain the lost trust. 874 more words

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'Gaming disorder' to be official World Health Organization diagnosis

Question: When is constant video gaming considered a real health/mental health illness?
Answer: When one no longer has control over one’s behavior with gaming, according to the criteria set forth in the draft of the World Health Organization’s upcoming eleventh update of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), set for publication in 2018. 643 more words


Cigarette smoking in pregnancy linked to high risk of ADHD in children

Women who smoke during pregnancy are at much higher risk of giving birth to a child who will grow up to have ADHD than those who are non-smokers, according to a new review of research studies from the years 1998-2017. 311 more words


The Demonizing of Private Healthcare in India

The demonizing of private healthcare services providers in India seems to have reached a fever pitch. Everyday the social media is agog with how private hospitals, mostly in the quest of unhealthy profits are compromising with patient safety, recklessly using expensive medicines, over-charging and generally not treating patients well. 1,459 more words

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The IT Transformation Health Care Needs

(Source: hbr.org)

How can health care organizations change this? One key is to prioritize quality improvement over cost cutting. By harnessing IT to help design better clinical practices, it’s possible to achieve better patient outcomes and better financial performance. 4,745 more words

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Blading the Safe Way (Product Review: M2T Blade)

The M2T Blade is one of the innovative IASTMs (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) around. Made in Canada, the M2T Blade arrived in the Philippines helping several personal trainers, physical therapists and practitioners as well as their clients and patients in promoting mobility and other dysfunctions in the soft muscle or fascia. 491 more words