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Where You Belong, Who You Are, Who Supports You, Who Share Your Values

Defined as a group of people living in the same place, sharing certain beliefs, values, attitudes and interests, a community is surely something that we all belong to, or is it? 387 more words


Ditching the Term "Engagement"

Mental Health Professionals frequently use the term “Non-Engagement” to describe a situation in which they struggle to access the mental health patient; in which they can’t get through. 157 more words

Clinicians: Why do we ride with them?

Through the years, many of us have ridden with clinicians or attended clinics as an auditor.  It’s fun!  It’s a time to get together with like minded riders of the same discipline to expand our knowledge base.  538 more words


Clinicians NEED an effective IT strategy

In the twenty years I’ve spent designing and implementing software, I can safely say that social service agencies tend to be under-served by their IT strategies. 259 more words


Clarity through Consoles

I recently received a pleasantly surprising e-mail from a clinician and colleague here at Child Guidance Center which read, “I feel like a six year old girl getting her Christmas gift early!” When you help manage an organization’s internal IT, the emails you receive typically contain more problems than praise. 276 more words

How research can improve patient care?

Life-changing research can only benefit patients if they receive an appropriate intervention (as part of normal clinical care)  implemented in the way it was designed. 324 more words


Point-of-Care (PoC): Is it the right move for your agency?

The right move…what does that mean? Let’s explore some scenarios. Do your clinicians and field staff currently use paper forms and assessments as a means of documentation for patient visits? 392 more words