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Clinker – the stony residue from burnt coal or from a furnace; a brick with a vitrified surface; a mass of incombustible matter fused together; the scale of oxide formed on iron during forging; a mass of vitrified material ejected from a volcano;  a wrong note in a musical performance;  a conspicuous failure; a product of inferior quality; someone or something wonderful or exceedingly well-liked;  something admirable or first-rate.


Temporary Boat Shed Part 2

Has been a while – busy at work, and the weather has been constantly wet.

I have not bee slacking though. I have purchased and had delivered the first lot of timber to construct the temporary boat shed (last week). 96 more words


Clinker Day Boat Project


We do not know the original design & build date for the above 4.2m clinker day-boat style launch but it has had nearly all her timbers replaced during rebuild which included new deck, coaming, transom, keel, oak ribs, stringers, bulkhead, topsides of planking, and beltings. 79 more words


Joy Belle + Maka2

Joy Belle – 16 ft Clinker Open Launch

Joy Belle was built in 1954 by G C Hayter at Picton & was first used in Queen Charlotte Sounds as a commuter vessel, at some point it was sold as a fishing boat out of Akaroa, then returned to Nelson and held in storage until 2014 when the restoration project commenced & completed in 2017. 355 more words


Clinker (OPC) From Iran

We are offering OPC Clinker on FOB basis from Iran


Tender Paint Removal

12 -13 February 2017

Have taken a break from the “big boat” to continue on the tender. Have been removing the paint from the hull. Using my boat cradle that I made last week, and have turned the tender upside down. 83 more words


Tender Cradle

5 February 2017

A few days ago I purchased the materials I needed to build a cradle for the tender (clinker), have been meaning to for some time to put this together. 90 more words

Boat Repairs