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Marvel’s main focus has been on the superheroes. Agents of Shield does have a slight focus on the normal people but for the most part, they’ve been focused on the rise of the Inhumans. 463 more words


Clint Barton

Clint Barton (Hawkeye) has been my favorite character from Marvel for a few years now. I’ve always liked characters who didn’t have super powers. I liked Hawkeye, but he didn’t become my favorite until Matt Fraction’s comic run on him. 209 more words


In The Details by Nonymos - Chapter Four

Here is me reading chapter four of In the Details by Nonymos!

Link to the text is here.


I appreciate feedback. Thanks for listening, guys! 15 more words

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In The Details by Nonymos - Chapter Three

So while I was editing this I realized that you can hear other voices in the background. Sorry for that guys. My house is pretty crowded at the moment, so finding a time when it’s actually quiet is almost impossible.  96 more words

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In The Details by Nonymos - Chapter Two

Here is the second chapter of In The Details by Nonymos, recorded by moi.

Link to the text is here.


The beautiful featured image is courtesy of Rudy, who made some wonderful fan art for this series.  17 more words

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I'm Here (Captain America/Steve Rogers X Reader)

   Steve didn’t seem to be right after you and the other’s tried to stop Ultron. No one else seems to be noticing, but you figured that’s because he hides it so well from the others and they’re caught up from what they had to see in their visions. 1,571 more words