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The Amazing Spider-man #86 Beware the Black Widow

I love Black Widow. To me she’s one of the most fascinating characters in Marvel. NOT FOR THAT REASON!!!

Ok, it helps. Anyway, Black Widow has a shadowy past that she’s making atonement. 715 more words


Clint's Been in a Fight

Natasha pulled out her mobile phone and said something under her breath in Russian.

Matt guessed it was a swear, or a string of swears, but he wasn’t sure which ones. 578 more words


Hawkeye Vol. 4: A Great Conclusion to a Great Run

I’d like to thank Hawkeye Vol. 4 (Rio Bravo) for making me cry at the public pool. No, really. The other moms didn’t think it was weird at all. 460 more words

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The Best Ed Sheeran Parody I've Seen Yet

“He may not be super, but he’s a hero.” (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)

Each Avenger has some sort of superpower, if you think about it. Iron Man’s got his brain and his never-ending stock of armored suits. 155 more words