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Clint Cure: Daytona Cubs Assistant General Manager

Clint Cure, Assistant General Manager, for the Daytona Cubs talks about the importance of teamwork.

1. How important is it for college graduates and young professionals to focus on the job opportunity and not the salary in their young careers? 230 more words

Rehab exit interview: Clint Cure

1. Briefly describe your experience at comic artist rehab:

The 4 week program really helped me to get back on the comic track.

2. What, if anything, did you learn from the program? 167 more words

Clint Cure

Round Two: Day Twelve

I thought this was going to wear me down but Im really getting into it. It’s good therapy and reminds me of what I really like to do. 29 more words

Round 02

Round Two: Day Eight

Technically I have only ever done one auto-bio story in my life before comix rehab? It was for going down swinging.

Round 02

Round Two: Day Four

Man, this is so cool. Timmys post is beautiful. Im so slack tho. I never read the email proper and thought I was doing 1 panel every 4 days but anyway, I had thought about the story believe it or not.

Round 02

Artist Introduction: Clint Cure

I can get really into a comic and draw for days at a time, once I get started. That’s the hard part.

I’m doing this cos I have another comic I’ve been working on for someone else. 15 more words

Round 02