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Clinton Foundation placed on charity 'Watch list'

What I find amazing is the media’s refusal to cover the fact that the Clinton Foundation gives out only about 15 percent of its “donations” for grants. 229 more words

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Clinton staff worked for Foundation and State Department

I posted this some weeks ago. Now that the topic has gained attention, let me give you this item that up to now I have not seen anywhere else. 238 more words


Why would Seth Meyers go after 'Clinton Cash' author? These flashbacks bust him [video]

@back_ttys Awesome catch.

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Well, well, well … isn’t this interesting?

Shot: …

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Clinton Foundation spends only 15 percent giving grants

The Federalist has a well written piece that includes just how much the Founders were concerned about individuals such as the Clintons coming in to power and how to deal with it Constitutionally. 162 more words

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Actress Olivia Wilde Switches from Team Warren to Clinton

While promoting her new film “Meadowlands” on Wednesday, actress Olivia Wilde discussed Hillary Clinton’s decision to run for President in 2016 with reporters. “I think Hillary is a really exciting candidate for so many reasons but she has a lot to prove to a lot of people,” Wilde explained. 489 more words

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When 2 Billion is Just Chump Change

By: Susan Bea Good

The Clinton Foundation for Global Initiative has accepted 2 billion in worldwide donations. That’s an enormous balance for a young “charity” with unclear objectives, but it’s just chump change when compared to the trillions expected in “returns” to donors if Hillary becomes President in 2016. 280 more words

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It took a life to SaveLIFE: SaveLIFE Foundation

Many of us dream of the glorious day to have that spot light on us with crowd cheering or patting our back for our act of valor. 898 more words

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