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Human mustard packet or 120 yr old satin pillow case turned jammies? 

I’m too easily distracted …. back to the debate

Response to Sanders-as-sheepdog

Below is my response to the to this WSWS article    

It is indeed probably at least partially true that Sanders is this election’s “sheepdog” candidate, stringing along Democratic voters for another cycle of Hope-and-Change (Bait-and-Switch), keeping the party’s left from wandering off to form a third party. 668 more words

A Taste of the Clinton Machine |watch your back

Voting for Hillary?  Suspicious?  Curious?  Just Dislike?

This video presents a small, but important for its narative supported by documentation, example of the Clinton machine.  Stunning modus operandi.   128 more words


Define 'Progressive'

Among us so-called “progressives”, we have more disagreements on what we should stand for than what the average outsider may think.

Me? I identify as egalitarian – not feminist. 434 more words


Let's keep track of Sanders deceptive campaigning practices!

Let’s keep track of Sanders deceptive campaigning practices!

If you were to follow the ads released by the Bernie Sanders Campaign you would think that his campaign has received endorsements from: 305 more words


Search for authenticity in 2016 race

“The Vermont senator’s brand of “authenticity” is off-limits to Hillary Clinton and other female politicians.”

This, to my mind, is a statement so reductive and dismissive that prefer nearly to ignore it.

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