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Yuge Weiner News

Anthony Weiner is a serial sexter.

For the Boy Scouts reading this, sexting is when you text a picture of your junk. You gotta know what I mean by “junk.” You’re on the internet. 677 more words

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them? By Paul Craig Roberts

Information Clearing House” –  Paul Wolfowitz and the lies that he told in the high government positions that he held are responsible for a massive number of deaths and massive destruction in seven countries. 934 more words


August 29, 1996

President Bill Clinton accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination for the Presidency of the United States at the convention in Chicago. The Democratic Party nominated Bill Clinton for President with 99.72% of the vote and Al Gore for Vice President with 100% of the vote. 120 more words

Washington Post Blames Russia to Hide DNC Corruption

Reading an August 17th Washington Post article by Michael McFaul entitled “Why Putin wants a Trump Victory,” I noticed some misleading statements, and some claims that are outright lies. 826 more words


HuffPo "Revoked Publishing Access" Of Journalist After 'Hillary Health' Story: "It's Orwellian...I'm Scared"

“I’ve honestly never seen anything like this.  It’s frankly chilling.  I’m a little scared.  I’m doing this video also to say, I’m not suicidal right now; I am not a particularly clumsy person; I don’t own a car at the moment.  899 more words


5 Things We Learned From Hillary Clinton's Campaign CTO

Even a presidential campaign needs a strong technology leader to keep the machine well-oiled and the Amazon Web Services bill paid.

Stephanie Hannon is that person—the chief technology officer—for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. 707 more words


US Presidential Race 2016: The Twitter Analysis For 2016-08-29 22:28:02.085486

Today has been yet another day in politics and on Twitter. Here are the stats for today:
Hillary Clinton Number of Positive Sentiment Tweets: 1… 121 more words

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