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Google, Bing, Yahoo

There is a reason I have changed the default search engine to Bing.. here’s just another reason ..

Until otherwise proven, I don’t trust Google as far as my pinky reaches on the keyboard. /hattip to Kassy Dillon

Democratic Party

Let's get a party going!

Gary Johnson, the champion of all those who have been terrorized to the point of giving up.  He is our savior!  He will save us from the blood-drenched claws of Trump and Clinton, as both of them try to burn the United States to the ground, destroying each and every one of us! 1,546 more words


Hillary's 14 Remarks of Bigotry or Transformation

“When get to talk about character, we need to look at the whole person, the kind of way that person conducts himself.” HRC

Key Words: 14 Cases, #Bigotry, Hillary Clinton, Media, Clinton-Alinski Letters… 914 more words


A Note on Fleas and Old Blogs

Flea dirt: The organic byproduct of a colony of parasites; in politics flea dirt may be used as a synonym for emails..

Definitions by Phil… 1,040 more words


Now that the KKK Grand Dragon has publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, maybe it’s time you learned something about the ultimate racist organization?

The KKK began in Tennessee after Southern Democrats lost the Civil War.. 1,445 more words

Colin Kaepernick Hates America

Just kidding, but what a headline, right? Also, as a disclaimer, I have always stood during the national anthem and I always plan to.

Kaepernick’s statement after refusing to stand during the national anthem before his 49ers game against Green Bay have drawn a ton of criticism and backlash and it should. 234 more words

Trump vs. Hillary: A Summation

EDITOR’S CHOICE | 27.08.2016

Trump vs. Hillary: A Summation

Paul Craig Roberts

The US presidential election this November will tell whether a majority of the US population is irredeemably stupid. 1,140 more words