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Trump did it. Everybody was wrong.

I, like nearly everyone else, did not think Trump would be in this for the long haul. Surely, he would fade. Surely, his ridiculous statements would be his downfall. 366 more words

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The Facebook Effect, or False Perceptions

I’ve been a Facebook user since 2005.  Back then it was a golden time; it was only available to college students and we used it to keep up with friends.   759 more words


Trump Redux on the insane and pathological NeoCon Jew William Kristol– ‘All The Guy Wants to do is Kill People and Go to War’

ed note– yes it’s possible Trump will eventually cave in to Jewish pressure, but as of right now he is saying the right things that Americans need to hear with regards to Likud, the NeoCons, and the entire Project for a New American Century paradigm that will destroy the entire planet if not arrested. 432 more words

Criminal Hillary: State Department DESTROYS 6 Clinton Lies About Her Email Server | Daily Wire

Here are six of those lies, debunked:

1. Hillary said she set up the private server for convenience, not to shield her communications from public scrutiny.

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Is Trump Anti-Establishment?

No he is not.

As the primary season finally gets into the end game and the grim logic of “voting for the lesser of two evils” makes itself ever more felt, its time to be frank. 970 more words

Clinton Rapes

Clinton Rapes
Base of lamppost in Astoria, Queens
Permanent Marker

  • We can safely infer that this scribbler is referring to the many accusations of rape made against former president…
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