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Oswald Spengler on Russian and Magian civilizations (Middel Eastern)


Quote from: Spengler vol II p.233-234

The world, as spread out for the Magian waking-consciousness, possesses a kind of extension that may be called cavern-like, though it is difficult for Western man to pick upon any word in his vocabulary that can convey anything more than a hint of the meaning of Magian “space.” For “space” has essentially unlike meanings for the perceptions of the two Cultures.

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What Would You do if You Were Hillary Clinton?

If you watch mainstream news, then you know by now that there is a huge scandal over missing and deleted emails from Hillary’s server regarding foreign policy.  503 more words

Police: Motorcyclist crashed while texting

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Indiana State Police say a motorcyclist who was texting while driving on I-65 has died after crashing on his bike, causing traffic to back up for miles Thursday. 129 more words


Is America Undergoing a Major Political Sea Change? Inside the Shocking Rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

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Author: Stephan Rosenfeld

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America’s political center, if it ever really existed, appears to be shrinking.

On the left, Bernie Sanders’ issue-oriented presidential campaign of economic justice is… 1,217 more words

Hillary Clinton 2016

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Ouch! Brit Hume just nutshell-nailed Hillary Clinton with 3 words; She won't like it, but we LOVE it

That snark was in reply to this zinger that Fox News’ Brit Hume aimed at Hillary Clinton. How can you sum her up in just 3 little words? 106 more words

US Politics

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Federal Judge Gives Obama 1 Week to Release Immigrant Children Held

Federal Judge Gives Obama 1 Week to Release Immigrant Children Held in Border Prisons in Deplorable Conditions

A large number of women and children who entered the U.S. 616 more words

Illegal Immigration