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Grand Expectations: the United States, 1945-1974. The Oxford History of the United States. By James T. Patterson. Narrated by Robert Fass. Audible Edition. Originally published by Oxford University Press 1996. 773 more words

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There’s a Strong Wave a’Comin’

It is easy and cheap, these days, to become a star.  If you are a believer of the trumped-up image of success, the media will hone in on you like mosquitos on a sweaty arm at a dusk-timed barbeque. 1,607 more words

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Leading Neocon Directs Pentagon Middle East Planning - American Herald Tribune

Ironically, neocons mostly were critics of Donald Trump the candidate because he talked “nonsense” about ending “useless wars” but they have been trickling back into his administration since he has made it clear that he is not about to end anything and might in fact be planning to attack Iran and maybe even Venezuela.

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Shoreline Pallet Design

Written by: Aurora Smith|
Photos by: Abby Roccapriore|

Abby Roccapriore, the owner of Shoreline Pallet Design is a mom of 3(I happen to be one of her children) in Clinton. 382 more words

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Russiagate was a Fraud but Obamagate is Real

Yes Virginia, there is an Obamagate. I explain in my latest Black Agenda Report column.@blkagendareport #ObamaGateIsReal https://t.co/ysYBadYr22

— Margaret Kimberley (@freedomrideblog) May 20, 2020…

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Newly Released Congressional Testimony Casts Doubt on 2016 Russia Hacking Narrative

It’s been over a year since the Mueller report refuted the Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy theory. Newly released testimony has cast doubt on whether Russia was even behind the 2016 email leak in the first place. 1,350 more words

Former Presidents’ Message to the Class of 2020: Hubris, Hypocrisy, Gaslighting and Projection

Over the weekend, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama offered taped messages to the class of 2020. Not surprisingly, their comments were hardly uplifting, but rather, replete with negativity and Trump-trashing as the two men tried to rise above it all. 765 more words

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