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Hillary is in Cahoots with China?

Try again right wing pundits. China skewers Hillary with this video compilation of her biggest bloopers.

How American democracy and freedom damage the world peace? …

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When truth is stranger than fiction

A portrait by Petrina Ryan-Klein of former US President Bill Clinton that was hanging in the deceased J. Epstein’s Manhattan, NY home.

This was published in the DailyMail.co.uk today along with a photo of Hilary Clinton wearing a similar blue dress at an event. 20 more words

I Don't Understand

Americans on Left and Right Do Not Accept Epstein’s “Suicide”

Did the manufacturers of sunscreen lotions invent the sun to sell their products? Probably not. And when Americans were asked to believe that a man accused of sex trafficking of minors and facilitating illegal sexual activities for powerful men with incredible means to defend themselves was taken off suicide watch to then commit suicide during some “prison irregularities”, they also said no. 704 more words


Bill Clinton: American Psychopath

William Jefferson Blythe 3rd aka William
Jefferson Clinton was born in 1946, he would obtain many impressive accomplishments
throughout his storied life. Perhaps most substantial was serving as Arkansas Governor… 570 more words

Didn't You Get the Memo? Clinton Insiders Reveal ‘Blame Russia’ Plan Hatched ‘Within 24 Hours’ of Her Election Loss

Ask yourself a simple question: How come in 2020 there are 20 people running for president in the Democratic party, yet in 2016, there were only 2 candidates? 2,428 more words


Epstein and the politics of conspiratorial victimhood.

The horrific Jeffrey Epstein was friends with both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  The unwillingness of many so-called “progressives” in the US and elsewhere, since the 1990s, to condemn the abusive behaviour of Bill Clinton is a chicken that has now come home to roost.  587 more words

TBI Agents Investigating Clinton Officer-Involved Shooting

Updated 8/14/19 at 10:45 a.m. ET: The deceased individual has been identified as Jerry Orlando Weaver (12/01/67), of Clinton.

At the request of 7th District Attorney General Dave Clark, TBI Agents are investigating the circumstances surrounding an officer-involved shooting that occurred Tuesday evening in Clinton. 231 more words